Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(From lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 2 of July 2005, Sofia)
Secrets… Where do you hide your secrets? The greatest secrets of life and existence are written in the heart of a pure vaishnava. Because somebody is living in the heart of a pure devotee and that is Radha-Krishna. And in the heart of Krishna there is also living somebody. That is the pure vaishnava. So in this way they share their hearts with each-other.
Therefore if we want to make a loving search for the Supreme Lord, if we want to follow that example, then we should search in the hearts of the pure souls. They are a little bit closer on the practical level. But if you really want to find them, where you should search? You should search in the heart of Krishna. In this way they share the most profound and most secret place.
The space inside the heart is also called “guha”. What does it mean guha? Hidden or secret place. And that little space inside the heart is so great, so expansive, that even God can fit into that space. And such a place is very expensive and valuable! Because what is valuable for you – that you keep secret. You can buy a big safe, you can put inside the wall and all the bonds and assets and money you can hide there. But it’s nothing! You cannot preserve that for a long time. Because it’s under the influence, under the care of Lakshmi Devi, and like ladies she is also “chanchalam” type – coming and going, not really fixed in one place. So our material assets we cannot put into a safe.
But according to the capacities of the people, they collect their assets on different levels. What is the asset of a bramin? Austerity, wisdom, knowledge… And for a kshatriya?
Strength, power… And for a vaishya? This is money, very practical! And for a shudra? It’s not service! It’s only time. He only collects time, gets older and older. Because service is the asset of the vaishnava. But that is the top, it’s not the bottom. Even higher than wisdom. Even higher than knowledge. Because through our service mood we express our love; therefore this is our greatest asset.
So you can identify yourself – on what level you collect your assets. Well, I had been grown old in the company of the devotees…. But nothing else. If you collect only the months and years, but no result – that is not a great collection. But according to our capacity we should act.
And the greatest value in devotional life is devotion itself. Because if we have devotion, even mistakes or shortcomings become like ornaments. Shall I tell you a story about this? How this miraculous transformation takes place? Once there was a devotee. And this devotee was very simple-minded. But he was very talented and very devoted to preaching, so to say – to help people. And once his Gurudev told him to find some notes on the desk of the guru. So they agreed that: “Yes, you can take these notes, my son, and you can learn, study from them.” And after some time the guru just realized that the disciple has taken much more than agreed. Some so to say “secret” notes from the spiritual master and something under preparation… he collected more. And when guru realized that “Hey, my son has usurped my assets” definitely he wanted to chastise him, to teach him that this is not correct. So he called the disciple: “Come here, my dear son and tell me what was happening? Did you take what we agreed?” “Yes, I took.” “Anything else?” “Mmm, yes…” “Why did you take, we did not agree that you can take that, this is not nice. And you know, I don’t like when people interfere my notes!!!” said the guru in a high tone. But then immediately some tears appeared in the eyes of the disciple. He was sitting in front of the spiritual master and was just unable to see correctly. And guru asked: “And what did you do with these?!” “I just distributed…” “How could you do this, nonsense fellow!!!” And then with tearful eyes he said: “Only for the benefit of the fallen souls…” Then what could the spiritual master say? “All right, my son, you just do what you like!”
Тo steal the notes of the spiritual master – this is not a very polite act. And naturally there is some remark, coming from the spiritual master. But if the disciple has THIS ideal – that he steals from the master for the sake of the fallen souls – then what can the master say?
Stealing from the spiritual master is NOT nice. It’s not according to the principles. But if you do this on the principle of devotion and for the benefit, for deliverance, to safe the fallen people – then this shortcoming or this sinful act becomes glorious devotional service.
Still, I suggest, you don’t start to steal from this day on in the name of a high type devotional service. Because if we follow the instructions and try to enter deep in the instruction’s mood – also the same intensity of service can be achieved.
So secrets we keep hidden. Usually devotees make big propaganda on their faith – on Krishna, on guru, on whatever they had understood so far. But this is just like when you have small amount of butter. When you want to offer your guest or your son or daughter bread and butter, if you have enough butter there’s no problem. But when there is little – the less you have, the more you spread. Same with spiritual understanding: the less you have, the more you distribute. This is the neophyte propaganda. Small assets – big propaganda! If you check out really great souls, usually they hide – go to some cave or in the jungle. Or – they act just like any other simple human being. And YOU must have the eye to understand them.
So even for having a secret you have to be qualified. We have to recognize the secrets. We have to understand the values.
A very intense devotional atmosphere can be perceived here. That shows, that proves to me that you have some secrets. But I don’t want to be indiscreet, to search out your secrets. Keep it for yourselves. Cultivate it in your hearts.

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