Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

I don’t know if you have noticed, but usually when we go to new or unknown places, the place needs a little tuning. Sometimes we have to make cleaning here and there, collecting, other times we have to surcharge the place with spiritual energies. For example Varvara – the place is nice, but after few days of practicing the place became very nice.

In the same way, if we do our practice, the environment will change. And if the outside environment changes, just think how much the inside environment should change. We go to different places, we have to – so to say – purify all these places one by one. But you bring your inner environment to each and every place. We have to purify that also. And there is a proverb saying that if you bring a combine in heaven, it will still say its “Bu-bu-bu”, remains the same, irrespective of the environment. Don’t be like the combine – all the same “Bu-bu-bu”. Sometimes you should say: “Hare Krishna!” or “Jay Radhe!” Because that will change the inside environment.

Sounds have very big importance. Therefore somehow we should always resonate the divine sounds. There are sounds of different qualities: sounds of destruction, sounds of stupidity and sounds of purification. Be intelligent, decide what kind of resonance you want to enter. Because it is said, actually in many different traditions, that the world was created by resonance. For example in Bible it is said that the world was created by word, logos. And this is an active principle, not only a resonance, but creative sound. In the same way Vedas also describe that the world was created by sound vibration. With sounds you can hurt people, you can kill them, you can build magic and you can build extra-magic. Because divinity is also reflected in the sound.Krishnais there everywhere, but in the world of sound He is the mahamantra. Who is He in the world of vision?

Dani: Murti.

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes, the murti. And if we broaden our vision, He is the harmony. And who is He in the inside environment?

Who is God in the inner world?

Kripadham: Generally of specifically? Generally is Paramatma.

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes. And specifically?

Kripadham: I did not see Him yet.

Yashoda: Ishta-deva.

Tirtha Maharaj: All right. Or some lotus feet, right? We have a hazy picture, but some kind of feet. So, the world is created of number of smaller worlds and universes. But Krishna is present in each and every field, in each and every world and we have to carry on a search to find Him, to recognize Him, to never lose Him. Nothing is independent of divine will. Therefore we are very fortunate if we can connect to the Lord through sound. And bhajan is like a very powerful instrument to amplify the spiritual vibration.

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