Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Question of a visitor: On our first meeting you said that the scientists get Nobel Prize for the Black Shadow.

Tirtha Maharaj: The Black Body theory. In the physics it is called the Black Body theory.

Visitor: So I went even to India but I could not find this Black Shadow. Could you please explain about this Black Shadow?

Tirtha Maharaj: Very nice question. Because we have to search. We have to search and then we shall find. Yet sometimes we are searching for the Dark Lord and we find the Bright Goddess. Maybe that is even more complicated. Actually your question is how to find God, right?

Visitor: Is this Lord Krishna, because He is dark-blue?

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes! Of course!

Visitor: It is said: Black Body. Should we see this black body or it is enough to know about His presence?

Tirtha Maharaj: If you want to speak to your spiritual master, is it enough to know that he exists or you want to see him?

Visitor: I know that he exists, but I want to see him also.

Tirtha Maharaj: You see? Same with God. We know that He exists, but we want to meet Him. But in order to meet a person, we have to know certain details about Him. For example what is the name, what is the form and what is the address, ID-number…

Visitor: Vrindavan!

Tirtha Maharaj: If you know, then why do you ask!?

Visitor: But I did not meet Him.

Tirtha Maharaj: Ah, but He met you. There are some more little details, let me explain. And we also have to understand his entourage, his company. And also his activities. Because sometimes here on this earth people have an imitator. Sometimes they make competition who is best and closest imitator to famous personalities. Like a second Elvis Presley. And what they imitate? They imitate the outlook. Same hairstyle. They imitate even the voice: “Love me tender…” And they imitate these very unusual movements of the body. Although we know that he is dead from a long time, these imitators of pop-art make even competitions. And if you are not aware of the facts, you might think that “Ah! I have met Elvis Presley!”

Therefore we have to know the exact data about the person that we are searching for. What was the first? The name. For example, if a postman is searching for someone, the letter must be named to this and this person. Right, if there is no name on your envelope, nobody will know in which box to put this letter. And of course, God has unlimited names, but His primary name is Krishna. Krishna means All-attractive Supreme Personality of Godhead. So this is the first that we have to identify. Not a subordinate person in the divine hierarchy, but the Supreme Lord you have to find, who is the Lord of lords.

What was the second? The form. Krishna’s form is beautiful, all-attractive! He’s got yellow dhoti, He’s got blue skin, He’s got big eyes like lotus petals and He’s got a peacock feather in the hair, and He’s got beautiful, long black hair, and He’s got vana-mali, a silvan-flower garland, on the neck, and He’s got shrivatsa mark on the chest, and He’s got the kaustubha jewel on the neck also, He’s got bracelets and armlets, His lotus feet are soft like lotus petals, the smell of His body is like the smell of the lotus flower, He’s got three lines on the neck just like a conch shell and most important – He’s got a flute in the hand. So, if you meet someone without these ornaments, you can know that this is not Krishna.

Visitor: He is an imitator.

Tirtha Maharaj: Correct. Then what was the third that I’ve mentioned? The address, right? What is the address? You said: Vrindavan. Correct! He lives in Vrindavana and never leaves that place. But there is yet another place where He lives. What is that? He lives in the pure hearts of the pure devotees. Therefore if you want to meet God, you should meet His servants, especially those, who are purified enough.

And then you have to inquire about His ID-number. 108108. What was there more on the list? Ah, the entourage! Black and white always go together. Krishna as the All-attractive attracts those who are ready to be attracted. Therefore, if you want to find the king, first you find the kingdom, then you will find the people, then you will find the hierarchy – you will see the ministers and the court, advisors. Then the chief ministers you will see, then the personal servants you will see, and finally they will introduce you to the king. In the same way we meet God through all these different channels.

Once Gurudev asked us: “Do you want to meet Shrimati Radharani?” Of course everybody said: “Yes, of course! Yes, Gurudev, of course we want to meet Shrimati Radharani!” Then he said: “Then come to the temple every morning. They are standing on the altar!”

So if you want to meet Krishna, it’s very easy – go to the temple and you will see Him. If you want to meet Krishna, find a pure devotee, who cherishes and protects Krishna in his heart, and you will find Him. Or if you cannot do that, then chant His names. Call for Him: “Krishna! Krishna!” He will come. If we don’t call, He does not come. If nobody is calling your name, you don’t pay attention, right? But if I say: “Paramananda! Paramananda!” then you will pay attention. And you will be happy; Krishna is the same. You call for Him and He will say: “Yes, yes, I am here.”

So it’s not that difficult to meet God. But to stay with Him for a long time – that’s more difficult. Anyway, this is the next chapter.

Visitor: If He likes you.

Tirtha Maharaj: Or if you can tolerate Him.

Visitor: He is All-attractive, so everybody likes Him!

Tirtha Maharaj: You will see, you will see… So what is the best way to meet Krishna? The best way is to chant His names: Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

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