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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 24.07.2016 evening, Sofia) 

(continues from the previous Friday) 

This is the very powerful working of selfless dedication – that the power, the knowledge, whatever is necessary will be delegated to you. It will be given, provided to you, delegated. Our part is dedication, His part is delegation.

Once the great sannyas disciples of Shrila Shridhara Maharaj were gathering around him. He was describing the future and how to preach and how to represent Mahaprabhu in their respective places from Australia to the United States, from Europe to India – all over the world. And his vision was so broad and so far reaching that these great stalwarts of preaching were just amazed and trembling. And many of them expressed: “No, no, no! We are incapable of doing that. We have no power for that.” But Shridhara Maharaj said: “I give you the power”. Then all of them said: “Haribol!”

We are so insignificant! But if we are ready to say: “Yes!” to our superiors, then all the power will be delegated to us. Then it’s not you; somebody else is working instead of you. Somebody is acting through you. It depends on the level of surrender and it is possible.

Once in the ancient times there was a very special occasion. One devotee was visiting Radha Kunda. This is apart from theoretical discussion of truth and love. It’s not philosophy anymore; it’s reality, it’s a story. So, this devotee was visiting Radha Kunda; you know Radha Kunda is a highly appreciated pilgrimage place. Once you take a bath in Radha Kunda, super excellent dedication is provided to you. This is a very important place of focus for devotees. So, our friend visited this place. All of a sudden somebody approached him. This other devotee was a guru-bhay of his spiritual master. The senior devotee didn’t know the visitor before, but the younger one knew that the superior is a brother of his spiritual master. So, the senior one approached the younger one and asked: “Prabhu, maybe you are a disciple of my dear god-brother, this and this swami?” And the young one said: “Yes, I am his disciple.” Then the senior said: “It was obvious looking at you. You represent your master so profoundly that he is with you, he is through you.”

Now you might say: “A, legend. I was not there, I didn’t see. I believe if I see”. But I have to tell you, this works the other way round: if you believe, you will see. This is the power of selfless dedication. If you surrender fully to your spiritual master, you can represent him. He will act through you. If you surrender fully to Mahaprabhu, He will sing through you.

Today in the morning I understood something about the Sofia Mission. Why people are so much attracted to the bhajans and kirtans here? I don’t know why! Why these kirtan nights are so powerfully manifesting here? But then looking at the full moon face of Mahaprabhu, I understood something. He likes sankirtan so much that He inspires His devotees here to make it. This is according to His taste, I am sure of that. So, if you want to worship your dear Mahaprabhu here, this is the best way. If you pray, He will give you the mercy. If you surrender, He will send all the angels and all the gandharvas will come. Why? Because by surrender the qualities come to the ashraya-tattva, to the subject. Therefore it is said that a pure devotee possesses all the divine qualities of the Supreme – through this process of surrender. I had seen that. My master for example, had the power to create. He said: ”Let there be Kagylokurt magazine” and it happened. Simply by his dedication in the service to his master creative power was delegated.

(to be continued)


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