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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, May 2012, Sofia) 

(continues from the previous Monday)

“As it is an intrinsic nature of the demons to take pleasure in violence and destruction…”[1] Pay attention, please! So, if you are violent and if you destruct things – that means demoniac habits. And the solution is not that you don’t take pleasure in violence and destructing things, still you are performing with a sour face. But try to refrain from these negative activities. Try to serve others in a gentle way and help things to build up.

“…but as this is the nature of the demons, they accepted Hiranyakashipu’s orders with great enthusiasm and respect. Like madmen they began to harass the people. In the rage of destruction they burned to ashes cities, villages, cowsheds, gardens, agriculture fields, forests, ashrams of sages, dwellings of farmers, grazing fields and capitals of kingdoms, and everything else that came to their minds. Some of the demons demolished bridges, buildings and city gates with their iron spears; some felled mango trees, jack-fruit trees and another valuable fruit trees with their axes, cutting them to pieces. In this way the demoniac servants of Hiranyakashipu created a non-stop and greatly serious disturbance for all the people. So much so that the performance of yagyas and other pious activities became extremely difficult, if not impossible. Unable to receive their share of sacrifices, the demigods left the heavenly realm and began to move about in this world.”

Sometimes you can feel that happening even today – that pious activities are very difficult to perform, while there is every chance to do something wrong. Day and night it is possible to get some tobacco and alcohol. But to get some bread and milk… you have to wait until the lorry comes and the shop opens. So we live in a little distorted age, therefore we have to pay extra attention.

Question of Kripadham: Gurudev, when all the demons destroyed yagyas and everything it was mentioned that demigods came to the Earth. Why?

Swami Tirtha: Because they did not receive their share. No yagyas were going up there and they were hungry.

Kripadham: But if they are coming so closely to their devotees, why sufferings for them existed still? I don’t understand that – why they come and they still suffer?

Swami Tirtha: I think you will very easily understand it when Manjari will forget to cook for two or three days. You don’t get your share, and the husband will come down from his very prestigious position, will come very close to the beloved and devoted wife – still there is some inconvenience, right? In the same way, if the cycle of sacrifice and mutual service is broken, this whole chain of peaceful existence is broken as well. Therefore the participants are removed from their respective roles. Demons, who should not dominate, will dominate. Demigods, who should give the blessings, cannot perform their duties. Men, who should sacrifice, cannot do it – everything is upside down. Therefore everybody is searching for solution.

Also we should not forget that everything that happens is a necessary ingredient for the lilas, in order Nrisimhadev could come. Without these problems He could not come. In order to show us a good example. In order to rectify the mistake of Jay and Vijay – the original problem. And to correct the consequences of domination of the demoniac race. So everybody is in a state of expectation: ‘What’s going to happen? I don’t find my place, let’s do something.” Therefore the established order is a little broken and in this way the story evolves.

Our life is also broken a little bit if we give up our practice. Then our picture, our spiritual vision is blocked and we do not see the harmony behind the things. Therefore it is very much necessary to maintain sadachar, spiritual practice.

(to be continued)


[1] The reading continues from B.B.Tirtha Maharaj’s book The Holy Life of Prahlada

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