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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 06.01.2013, evening, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday) 

What happens if the soul leaves the body? The body starts to decompose, right? That proves that it is the presence of the soul that keeps the whole system functioning. This is the higher type of energy that will keep it running. So, the first two signals of the soul are the consciousness and the life energy – prana. If you see life manifested somewhere, you should know that there is a soul. If you see consciousness, you should know that there is a soul. But, you know, now we live in a very desacralized world. Even if we see life, we think that this is only matter. You see a living body and you consider: ‘Oh, this is matter!’ While what is the vision of the saints? They see dead matter and they will feel that this is alive. Do you see the distortion that happened to us? We have lost our spiritual vision! So we have to regain that divine vision – to see the presence of the soul, to see the presence of God, Krishna.

And to revive our original consciousness we have to do some spiritual practice. Chanting the holy names helps us to reveal the original, divine reality. If somebody has accomplished that task, if somebody has overcome the brutal laws of nature, if somebody could really spiritualize his body, or her body, then even after leaving the body it will not decompose. You might think that this is like a fairytale, but there are some great saints whose body did not decompose. One of them was a Christian saint in the 20th century. He started to be a monk at the age of eighteen. Very soon he started to receive the stigmas of Christ, at a very young age. Blood was oozing from his hands and from his body, especially when he was performing the mass. And he had some spiritual visions, he could see the past and the future of people. He could read their mind. And his main service to people was to hear confessions. But if somebody was insincere, he kicked this guy out. So, you could not cheat him: ‘I will tell only half of my secrets’. No way. He had this vision. What is this? These are the symptoms of a great yogi. To see the past and the future, or to have a deeper understanding of the mentality of other people, reading their mind. And many other features. His name was Padre Pio. People were healed around him, many other mystic experiences happened with and around him. And then, when he was very old, he died. They buried him and after some 20 years they opened the tomb. And what happened? It was not the bones, it was the body there. Only some very little parts of the body were not in good shape, but otherwise the whole body was in a perfect shape.

So what is described here? That you can overcome the limitations of nature, its general functions. It’s possible. But don’t worry, we shall not open your tombs after 20 years. And it doesn’t matter if your body decomposes or not. So, please don’t work hard for having a good shape after death. This is not really the point. This is like a secondary effect of your saintliness. The question is not if there is life after death. The question is if there is life before death. What do you call life? Your survival trip? Or your passionate engagements in your city of nine gates? Is that life? No! This is not life! This is death. We should enter life proper, real life. And real life is devotional life, dedicated to God. This is the way to overcome mortality. Then you can happily reside in your city of nine gates.

What happened to humanity during the last centuries? We achieved the comfortable life and meanwhile we started to complain about everything. So we have the civilization of comfort and the culture of complaints. Let’s change it. One requirement from the practitioners of yoga is fulfillment or contentment. So, we have to practice that. Our cup is not half empty, our cup is half full.

So, to reside happily in your body you have to cherish and nourish your soul. In this way we can understand that we as spiritual entities are aloof from the body. The body functions under the care of the material energy, but we should not function under the care of material energy. This is a big shift. How to help this shift? How to purify the gates? How to achieve permanent bodily identity that means: how to attain a spiritual body? Chant the names, purify your consciousness, enter deep into the mystic reality of dedication. Let Krishna use you instead of you trying to use Krishna.

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