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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 5.09.2015 evening, Sofia)

This world is not abandoned by the Supreme. Whenever there is a real need, He will come and help. In that sense trouble is good, because it heralds the advent of the Lord. Of course I don’t say: ‘Pray for more troubles’. They will happen by themselves. Better we pray for the appearance of the Supreme. Because the motivation for Lord Krishna to appear is not only the miserable condition of the material world; much better He is motivated by the ardent prayers of His beloved servants.

But what happened in the historic part of this divine game? There were two chosen personalities: one was a member of the royal order – Vasudeva, as the future father of Krishna; and the other was a very much respected lady – Devaki. For lifetimes they were dedicated to divine meditation. In their previous births they had a very strong desire. It is written in the books that in order to achieve that desire, they were performing tapas, austerities – thousands of years of remote meditation, eating only dry leaves of the trees.

So, what happens if we extend an invitation for such a tapasya? Not so many participants we’ll have. ‘Yes! I am ready to eat dry leaves for thousands of years!’ Who is ready to do that? But if the goal is high, the price is also high. Their goal was very high. They wanted to act like mother and father of the Supreme. They wanted to have God as their child. Can you tell me something higher than that? I think it’s worth paying the price of some little years of easy meditation and a good diet. Compared to the goal this insignificant sacrifice, which is far beyond the abilities of present day men, is worth. So much so, that they got the promise: “Yes, I will come as your son”.

And this lifetime they were Vasudeva and Devaki. A bright young couple, on the day of their marriage. It’s so romantic. They were in a procession, while the brother of Devaki, the young bride, was very nervous, because he also got a message: “Beware this couple, because their eighth child will kill you.” Quite a strong, difficult message. ‘What to do? How to defend myself if I receive such a message?’ So, he decided: ‘Better I resolve the problem once and for all.’ So, he decided to join this very festive procession with a sword in hand. To kill the young wife, his own sister. It’s a nice solution, right? Just to make the event more memorable. A wedding procession in blood. Everybody will remember such a case for eternity. This was his solution: ‘All right. I should kill the future mother in order to defend myself.’

Well, Vasudeva and Devaki were taken by surprise a little bit. And you know, as a young husband you have little possessive feelings towards your young wife. Hardly you have achieved her, so you don’t want to lose her immediately. Definitely Vasudeva wanted to protect his wife. But how to fight with such a ferocious enemy? So, he started to apply the diplomatic methods. First he said: “Oh, you are so nice! You are such a famous gentleman. Why should you act like this? It doesn’t give a good reputation to you.” Then he tried to divert his attention, like: “Well, I have a suggestion.” So, he tried his best to avoid the danger and finally he was successful. Finally Kamsa, the brother, didn’t kill his own sister and Vasudeva convinced him: “You don’t have to be afraid. The prophesy tells about the eighth child, so why you should kill the mother? It’s the eighth child who is the danger, it’s not the mother. “All right, then Kamsa agreed on much lighter terms: “I’m not killing you on the spot, but I give you both a lifetime sentence.” Well, in one sense it’s a better option, because on the spot this was a solution. So, they were put to jail. Quite unexpected: you start on a romantic procession of wedding and you end up in a jail. But at least they were still alive.

So, what we can learn from all this? That sometimes there are life dangers. We start on a romantic journey and we end up in a labyrinth of difficulties. But better we save our life from imminent danger to find the real solution later.

So, this was the price that Vasudeva and Devaki, who had been meditating to receive Krishna as their son, had to pay. As years passed by, they had children. And although the prophecy told about the eighth child, yet Kamsa killed all the newborn babies. It’s a very painful situation. You don’t have your freedom and when you give birth to a new baby, you are sure he or she will die. Nevertheless they took the trouble, accepted the situation and they were waiting for the better chance and the blessed opportunity.

Finally Devaki conceived with Krishna.



(to be continued)



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