Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

if not here and now

Question of Akshara: In the spiritual world when all things – paraphernalia, plants, grass, etc. – are serving the Divine Couple, do they have relationships among themselves?

Tirtha Maharaj: They have, still this relationship is manifested through the divine center and everything is revolving around that ultimate center. So we are connected by, for and through Krishna, Radha-Krishna.

Yamuna: Maharaj, what is the connection between bhakti-lila and krishna-lila? What is the connection between: lila between the devotees and lila of Krishna?

Tirtha Maharaj: Well, what is the difference between our life now and our life – then? Nothing. We live here for serving our Lord; and we live there for the same purpose. If there is any difference, that is perfection. On this platform sometimes little mistakes, sometimes little shortcomings are happening, but there the flow is harmonious. But there should be no basic conception of difference between the sadhaka life, the life of the practitioner and the life of person, who achieves. Don’t forget, whatever you practice, you will reach that. So if somebody practices illusion, he will get illusion. If someone practices the truth, he will get the truth. Poor guy! But if somebody practices bhakti, he will achieve bhakti! It is very simple. Whatever is your practice, you will achieve that.

So the lilas or the life of the devotees here – we can say that this is a preparation for the perfectly pure service of Krishna. If we really dedicate ourselves, then right here and now we can taste the nectar. If we cannot taste it here and now, then when and where? If we cannot grab this opportunity, then when we shall make it? So act now.

Question: If I may ask… I have heard that the first realized meeting with Krishna is sublime experience. Isn’t it that we are returning again in this material world to live this meeting anew?

Tirtha Maharaj: No, we are searching for that first meeting. We are searching for the original rasa, adi-rasa, first sweet taste we are searching whole our life. Because unfortunately we have lost that original taste. Still we have the memories, therefore we are searching for it. Therefore the life of a practitioner is a search – for the truth? No, for the happiness. Meanwhile you will find the truth also, don’t worry.

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