Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 29.09.2017 evening, Sofia)

First of all, let me offer my respectful obeisances to my divine masters and to all the devotees present. The time for another meeting has come. And we were desperately waiting for this moment, right? I can speak on my side: I was desperately waiting for this moment. Because if we have a small little dedication to God and we have a divine holy devotional company, that will grow, that will multiply. This is my side. Maybe I have some little morsels from my masters, but in your company they will grow. But if somebody has a big amount of devotion, they also need somebody to share with – right? This is your side. And I feel like a perfect candidate for that. So this is our spiritual race – we are running after each other: to give and to receive. And in a spiritual race you never know who is winning. Because sometimes you feel: ‘Ah, I have lost!’, but that will turn out to be the greatest win. Other times you feel: ‘Ah, I have won!’, but that will be a big failure in your life.

Life is long. And you know, my vision starts to become distorted more and more. I was looking through the window in the morning and what did I see on the street? A very determined young man approaching the ashram with a mala in his hand. So determined he was, that it was obvious that he wants to finish this troublesome journey on this planet Earth. I was waiting for 15 minutes for him to ring the bell; it didn’t happen. So maybe my vision is wrong. I see devotees everywhere.

But it’s better to have such a distorted vision. That will always remind each of us of our own story. Because somebody had a merciful vision over us; he didn’t consider our shortcomings, he didn’t consider our past, but he was really considering our future. So it’s better to have such a distorted vision – when we see only the good side of people, the possible chance of perfection; however small, but it is there. And if somebody paid this trust in advance to us, we also have to carry it onward, share it with others. Because whatever we have received, we have to pass it on.

Those who attended the army know this principle. ‘Whatever suffering I have received, I have to pass it on.’ Correct? But we are serving in Mahaprabhu’s army and that works under different principles: whatever good you have received, you have to pass it on. Because then it will definitely grow.

During this lifetime as a grand experience, so many times we feel hurt and burdened and suffering and in tears and in blood… But what is the best way to start to heal our own wounds? Try to heal the wounds of others and automatically your wounds will also heal. Because comparatively we don’t suffer that much. Maybe if we focus on ourselves, we feel like: ‘Ah, all the suffering of this planet Earth is on my shoulders! That shows my greatness; I’m chosen to suffer in the best way!” But my dear brothers and sisters, it is not like that. Others suffer more, unfortunately. So if we start to develop this eye of compassion, automatically you will feel very secure, very safe, very happy. “I was complaining that I don’t have shoes until I met a person who didn’t have legs.” So comparatively, we don’t suffer that much. And we have a chance! We have a chance to reach perfection. Which is rarely given, rarely provided. Therefore we have to be intelligent enough to grab this chance.

How can we express our willingness to accomplish this chance for perfection? To agree theoretically is not enough. ‘Yes, but…’ – it’s not enough. We need to penetrate deeply this God-given chance. This is a gift of God. And we have to express our willingness to join that invitation. Because if there is an invitation, most probably some guests will come. God Supreme had invited us – we are the guest in His palace, in His world. We need to express our gratitude, we need to express our willingness to be embraced. So, simple theoretical agreement doesn’t help. We need to show something. Because our Lord has shown so much from Himself. You should also show something of yourself. But please, show the better side of you. When you feel that your weak side is fighting with your fallen side, that is not enough. It’s better to show our hopeful and better side. You all have a better side.

Therefore we have to be committed. And commitment in spiritual life means that you say, you mean and you do.

(to be continued)


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