Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Once in the morning Gurudev[1] was giving lecture in Nanda Falva. He asked: “Do you want to meet Radharani?” Everybody said: “Yes, of course! Yes, of course! We would like to meet Her!” And he said: “Come. She is here, on the altar.”


That is true, many people want to have the proofs: “Show me!” But they are not ready to pay the price. Because spiritual process works opposite to the material process. In material field they say: “I believe if I see.” What is the spiritual version? “I see because I believe.” Opposite.


If you will be more empowered, then you can speak to the hearts of people. Last time one prospective new devotee told me a story. He is a 40-50 years old man. And he met some lady, some kind of impersonalist – not philosophically but she had no other realizations so far. Yet she is a kind of teacher and tries to help spiritually other persons. After the lecture or some gathering, our devotee asked: “Tell me, God is personal or impersonal?” She said: “Impersonal!” He said: “No.” And it was so definite “No!” that she became very happy and she said: “O, very good! I have some more prospects now! If God is really person, I have some future growth.” So it depends on your conviction. It is enough to say: “Yes!” – or “No!” – which can be a conclusive statement.


But also it is mentioned: to a blind man you cannot show the sun. There will be some people who believe in God naturally; and there will be some, even if He appears, they would not believe. When Lord Jesus was here, they crucified him. When Krishna was here, Chanura, and Mushtika, and Kamsa and others saw only enemy. So it depends also on the consciousness of the person, of the receiver. It is not only the transmission, but also the receiver must be in perfect condition. Just like in a radio set, radio transmission. There must be the aerial, antenna; there must be the transmission; and there must be a receiver. Whatever is missing – the link is broken.



[1] B.A.Narayan Maharaj

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