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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 03.01.2017, evening, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday) 

Question of Pavitra: I’d like to ask: what is the very first step on the path of purification and connecting to the divine reality?

Swami Tirtha: Taste. When we feel somehow attracted to that thing: ‘Yes! This is what I need!’ So it’s not the qualification that we might posses. It’s not the ability that we have. It’s the taste. ‘I like that! I like the idea, I want to be like this, I also need this.’

Once there was a young prospective devotee and he said: “I have tried. Yesterday I was chanting in my room. And I feel I cannot live without that!” This is what we need. “I cannot live without that!” If we have that mood, if we have that approach, then everything should happen in our life. Irrespective of our shortcomings or whatever.

So, in my humble understanding this initial taste, this initial affinity – this is the point.

Question of Kripadham: How the highly elevated souls don’t lose their taste for chanting and how do they improve their taste?

Swami Tirtha: I think they love Krishna. Because if you love somebody… What is the definition of love? Many times I remember you – this is love. You’re just there with me – this is love. So if you love somebody, very naturally you remember him. You take special pleasure from remembering. Even the future meeting with such a person gives you hope. You don’t mind anything else.

And you are happy to chant his or her name, to call that person. For a long time I didn’t understand this, until once I met a senior devotee who had a son. That son was already grown up at that time and we were observing some old photographs. There was one photo: him with the boy still small. He said: “Ah, my son! How much pleasure I derive from this son!” And then I understood something. From such an intimate human relationship you can find a lot of happiness. You can find happiness in the presence of another human being. So this is my understanding: if you simply love somebody on the realized platform, you can never lose the taste.

And how to enhance the taste? I think good company can help a lot in that respect. If we associate with such people who can inspire us in our spiritual practices, then even our chanting will improve. Source of inspiration.

But here we have to be very delicate. Because as I told you if you really love somebody, you don’t mind anything else. You just want. Just want. But with this you can kill the other. You can strangle the other person with your love. So therefore on the manifest platform we have to apply that very delicately, in a very wise manner. But to fully enjoy it on the mental or spiritual platform. Just like the ladies in the old times when Krishna returned to Dwaraka, they went out to see the procession and to greet Krishna. And all the stalwart leaders and respected people could go out, pay obeisances to Him, shake hands with Him, greet Him, etc., but the ladies could not. What was their option, their only alternative – to embrace Krishna in the heart. So this is one suggestion how should we apply that desire. Don’t strangle the other with your love and affection.

(to be continued)


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