Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Question of Damodar: If the truth is the first step beyond the material plane, I have heard that for most of the people the willingness to turn to God does not come from searching for the truth. And if they are not turning towards God because they are searching for the truth, what is the reason that still they do it?

Tirtha Maharaj: But you have already turned. So you have accomplished the first mystery – turning your attention from the outside material reflection to some inner essential points. But in “Gita” it is very nicely described why people start any type of search or religion. Because they seek benefits, they are suffering, inquisitive or searchers for the truth. These are the main reasons: arta, artharthi, jigyasi and gyani[1] four types. But on any reason you start, you will reach something. BecauseKrishna acknowledges all these different approaches as bona fide, true.

Premananda: Gurudev, these different motivations to search – are they related to the gunas, or something else?

Tirtha Maharaj: Can be. But if we consider from the absolute point of view gunas cannot have any influence on anything spiritual. We can say, for example, that a person in tama-guna is suffering so much, that he wants to escape; while somebody in rajas prays for more material assets; the sattvic type is inquisitive, he is searching for knowledge. But the ultimate approach is gyana – and gyana not in a limited sense, but as search for the absolute. Yet it does not matter where you come from –Krishna can enter the game and He can divert your attention. You are searching for material gain and finally you will find something higher; you simply want to escape from your sufferings and suddenly you find yourself in Vaikuntha, etc.

So, ifKrishnaenters the picture, He will make it sweeter. But if we search for Him, He will escape from the picture – just to make the whole game more intensive. So be careful! If you search for something else, you will find Him; if you search for Him, you will not find Him. This is the nature of the game.

Kripadham: My question is related to the service. When we try to serveKrishna or guru in most of the cases our motivation is not pure…

Tirtha Maharaj: Is that possible?!

Kripadham: In my case, yes. There is always some element of personal interest included – like attaining perfection or being the closes one to the spiritual master, or this kind of things. My question is do we receive karmic result for these mistakes and more generally what is the connection of the karma with this process?

Tirtha Maharaj: Well, if you would simply get some insignificant karmic result for your mistakes, that would be very easy. But spiritual mistakes – spiritual reaction. In the outside world: material action – material reaction; here spiritual action or mistake – spiritual reaction.

Just visit a holy place and you will see sincere prayers are immediately heard.Krishnafulfils the sincere desires – I do not know the proportion, but let’s say – thousand times. But that is also true – if you make a mistake, at least hundred times more you have to pay. Spiritual life is not a joke.

Kripadham: What is the price we have to pay? This is the fall down to the material world?

Tirtha Maharaj: Price that you will have to pay is that you will be hurled down to Vaikuntha. This is our fall theory – you will be hurled down to Vaikuntha. That means no goloka-prema. The more mistakes you commit, the farther you separate yourself fromKrishna.

But simple karma has no influence over bhakti. Because karma is material, bhakti is spiritual. Nothing to do with each other.

[1] “Bhagavad-gita”7.16

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