Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

If Vrindavana was not present, then we should invent a Vrindavana. Because in Vrindavana everything is for the purpose of service to the Supreme Lord. The gopis churn the milk for Krishna’s satisfaction. The families raise their children for the satisfaction of Krishna. They sow the seeds and reap the harvest for His sake. These people live for Krishna.

Usually people in the west are very busy, running here and there. We are all very busy – doing some activities. But activity brings reaction. Do not blame the reaction; think what you do. If you eat, you put energy in the one end of the body; at the other end some different energy will come out. So, if you act on one side, reaction will come on the other side. Do not blame the reaction! Think how you act.

We are busy, no doubt; but we should be very careful about how to use our energy. Because whatever you do – some fruit, some result, some reaction will come. Activity by itself is not enough. Activity together with consciousness should be there. So do not act without thinking. Do not act without considering the activity itself and the fruits. But of course it does not mean that even before moving one step you should make a full calculation in your head. Because in most of the cases, in everyday topics we know how to act. But even these relative activities should be harmonized with the Supreme Lord. So if you churn your milk at home, do it for Krishna. Or if you tend your cows during the day, do it for Krishna.

For example, the gopis sometimes forget about this principle, because they are very simple village girls. They get the milk from the cows and then turn it into curds and yoghurt. But as the stock is too much, the cows give too much, usually they go to the nearby city. Their home is called Vrindavana and the city where they go is called Mathura; so they sell the yoghurt in Mathura. But Vrindavana is a very beautiful place. It has some secret places also, where it is very difficult to cross – there are big rocks. And Krishna knows all these places; so when the gopis are crossing, Krishna is just blocking their way. And He says: “No! You cannot cross. It is impossible. You have to pay a fee.” The gopis say: “How can we pay any tax?! This is our fathers’ and mothers’ property – the yoghurt.” That means that they forget about Krishna. But then Krishna is not satisfied if they would offer something naturally; He is trying to snatch, to take it by force.

Usually we do not sell yoghurt in the cities. Usually we do not tend the cows during the day. And I can mention a long list what we do not do usually. Still, whatever we do, it should be harmonized with the divine will of Krishna. Act in a harmonious way and then the results will be appropriate. If you act stupidly, however active you are it does not matter, rather more reaction will come to you. Therefore we should not quarrel with the reaction; we should consider how to act properly.

So following the basic instructions, joining the practical service of devotional life and maintaining a nice sadhana – personal practice of spiritual exercises – will help. But once Shrila Prabhupada said: “Simply try to love Krishna!” This is the secret. Then it is very easy to forget about our exploiting mentality. This is the highest type of knowledge. Actually this is not knowledge, this is wisdom. And on the highest level you will understand how to satisfy Krishna.

But once a person told me: “This is too high for me! Whatever I hear is so impractical for me; I cannot apply it in my life.” Which is, let us admit, more or less true. Most of the time we hear about full devotion. What is the percentage of our devotion? Fifty-fifty would be nice. But even that is high; what to speak of the hundred and eight percent devotion of the real vaishnavas?! Or again – we hear about ecstasy. Where is that? Ecstasy means you step outside of your existence. From bhava (existence) you come to bhaava (ecstasy). This is a big step! They are very close to each other; and it shows that originally, in the proper manner, life is ecstasy! This is the only reason to live – to get that taste. So, we should not waste our time. Because if we do not join the devotees, we miss the nectar. Then we are fools number one! Why should I miss something, that is eternal and nourishing my heart and soul?! Do not waste time.

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