Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

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“O pearl of humanity, My illusory energy blurs people’s ability to discriminate, therefore according to their previous karma and taste they will speak differently about how to reach happiness and perfection.” We should discuss this topic – how people have different conceptions, different understandings about perfection, about happiness.

Uddhava is inquiring what is the best path to achieve the divine communion with God, with the Supreme, and also how to achieve our own private happiness and perfection.  Then Krishna says: “Well, there are many different paths, but this specific one – the path of dedication – is very dear to Me and those who practice this path are also very dear to Me.”

Question of Ramvijay: It was said that according to the gunas people will understand differently these paths. But I could not understand whether their understanding will be good enough to go back to Godhead? Because ok, they will understand differently, but this is all about distortion and heresy. The verse said that part of the knowledge was distorted, part became heresy. Can one use this distorted knowledge or heresy to go back?

Tirtha Maharaj: Very good question, but it concerns the next verse. So better Krishna gives an answer to you than I. „People discuss the chance to achieve happiness in different ways. Some call the key to success, the key to happiness dharma. I think this is a good offer. If you follow a dharma path, you will achieve something, no doubt. Is that a final? Well, if we achieve param-dharma, the supreme duty of humanity, then it is fully successful. If we achieve simply dharma, then this is a sattvic way of life and very good result; but maybe we can say this is not the ultimate result. “Others call it name, fame and glory – these are the poets.” So the poets think that the satisfaction is fame. “Still others call it a pleasure – like vatsyayana. The followers of yoga call it truthfulness and control of body and mind. Still others think that the key to happiness is money and power, influence, like the politicians. And the ascetics call it renunciation. Still those inclined to pleasures call it satisfaction. Still others call the key to success sacrifice, others – control or generosity, sacred vows, rules and regulations. But the results of all these are limited. They will bring some suffering, finally end up in ignorance, give very short and very insignificant pleasure and even the enjoyment of these different paths brings some suffering.

So I think the answer is quite clear: according to the understanding of the different people they will see different path, different way to success, but this is limited. And even if you enjoy these different opportunities it will bring very meager satisfaction.

Then what is the solution? Is there any solution? Whatever you try will be limited and will not bring the final inner satisfaction – then what to do? Just jump out of the window? It is useless, because we are on the ground flour. Even that is not the solution. Then what to do?

“The whole world with all directions is blissful for such a person, who does not want to possess anything on this world, fully subdued the senses and the mind, always peaceful, does not hate and does not love anyone, and finds his spiritual satisfaction in Me”, says Krishna.

So, if you do not find your full inner satisfaction yet, this is not the problem of the process. But we should possess such qualities to be fully neutral to the influences of the world. And of course it does not mean that you do not feel or you are not compassionate. It’s not the case. But do not be surprised if some difficulties will come and do not be over surprised if something will be successful. Both are illusion.

That we can call the inner connection. To be in yoga means you are connected. And if you are connected then you have access to the ultimate resources. Therefore this chapter discusses the glorification of the path of dedication and the process of meditation, because meditation is the way to be connected.


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