Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 06.01.2017 evening, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday)

 Paramananda: I was very strongly enthused by the two reasons why Krishna left this planet. One reason was to leave so that never leave. And the other is to return.

Swami Tirtha: Thank you for reminding me, because these are the ways how Krishna never left. Although He had withdrawn Himself, He never left.

But your point is something very essential – how He will return, how He will come again? We know the official way – He will come as yuga-avatar on the necessary time and perform the necessary things. But we need a personal meeting, a rendezvous. And that meeting we can perceive by the mystery of the holy name.

Once in South India this was the rainy season. That means big rain; so one wanderer tried to escape from the rain in an abandoned temple. It was half a ruin, but nevertheless there was some roof so he could hide from the rain. It started to become dark and late when all of a sudden another person appeared. Then there were already two persons taking shelter from the rain. When understood that there is already somebody inside this ruin, the second one asked: “Ah, can you provide some shelter for me also?” He said: “Yes, of course, come, we have enough place! We can share it.” Both of them were sadhus, traveling mendicants. Then it started to rain more heavily and the night started to fall more and more dark. All of a sudden a third person appeared and asked for shelter. They said: “Ah, sure, come! We have enough place for three.” Then it was fully-fully dark night. Only the sound of the rain drops was heard. And if sadhus come together in the rain, what can they do? They started to discuss about the beautiful and glorious qualities of Krishna. One came with one idea, the other added something, while the third reflected on them. In this way in the darkness, in the abandoned place they spent the time. Then all of a sudden they started to keep silent. And one asked: “Did you notice something?” The others said: “Yes, we did notice. What did you notice?” He said: “I felt that we are not alone. I felt that it is not only three of us.” “Yes, our Lord is here with us.”

So, naham vasami vaikunthe/ yoginam hridaye na cha/ mad bhakta yatra gayanti/ tatra tishthami narada[1] – “I am not in Vaikuntha, I am not in the heart of the yogis, but whenever My devotees come together to glorify My qualities, I’m definitely there, oh, Narada.”

So how He will come? How He will come again? This is the way. If we glorify the Supreme Lord by aradhanam – inner meditation, or by kirtanam – chanting His glories, chanting the holy names – He will come. Therefore we are singing this very beautiful prayer: “Krishna, give me Your mercy in order that I become able to chant Your names!”

Let’s hope this happens – mercy is with us, it is with you at least!

[1] Padma Purana, Uttara-khanda 92.21-22

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