Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

You should think whether love is inside or outside? Whether love is a capacity of the jiva-soul or this is an ocean, an unlimited ocean of divine mercy? Where we are searching for love – inside or outside? Is it our capacity or we only have to respond to the invitation for dance? It’s beyond rituals. It’s just emanating. It’s just there.


But we can say that fulfillment comes from fulfilling. But something more, something extra must be added. And that is mercy. Because may be you perform all your duties, but if that special ingredient is not there – there is no fulfillment. Results come from cultivation plus mercy. We were talking about that – prema comes and knocks you off. Just wipes you off your feet! This cannot be explained! Once we were discussing: can you explain me Bhakti or love? You remember what was the answer? “No! I don’t explain! By explaining we kill the feeling!” This is not here, it’s not intellectual! Feelings are irrational. There is no explanation – why do you love somebody? You cannot really explain. You can give explanations, of course, but it’s not the real thing.


How can we achieve love? But love is here! You don’t have to achieve! Once a western person asked a guru: “How can we achieve mercy?” And he said: “Mercy is all around! How is it that you don’t see?” Then the next question was: “And what is the best time for spiritual practices like meditation?” You remember the answer? “Time?!… What is that?”

That means we should identify our level. Until we don’t know what is love – we should inquire. Until we don’t know where is mercy, we should search. But when you achieve, when you find – you don’t have to search.


By ALL means you should search that! Not by some little rituals, by some studies here and there – no! By ALL means you should search for it! FULL surrender is necessary. Because if you want to achieve the highest goal – fifty-fifty principle will not work. All your efforts, all your feelings, all your life energy should be dedicated. This is the way how to find it. Be ready to jump into the loving embrace, to have the initial friendship with divinity. Results come from cultivation plus mercy. Or fulfillment comes from fulfilling. By this practice, by this selfless and permanent dedication to God, your soul will be super satisfied.

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