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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 05.09.2015 morning, Sofia)
There were so many reasons why Lord Sri Krishna came and joined the humanity on this planet Earth. One obvious or easy to see reason was that there was some trouble on this planet Earth. But this is only secondary, because in the material world there are always problems, it is not some special case. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but basically this is the nature of illusion – always gives troubles. Do you agree? Illusion always gives troubles. So, there was no special reason for Krishna to come. But what was the hidden reason for Him to join this planet? To visit a planet; He can choose any planet, right? There are innumerable planets. First of all, there is His own planet, which is a very pleasant place. There are many other spiritual planets, also very pleasant places. And there are innumerable planets in the material sphere – they are not so pleasant, but still maybe better than planet Earth, especially if it is in trouble. But nevertheless He came to this planet. Why?
Pavitra: Because somebody came before Him.
Swami Tirtha: Yes, actually this is what I also wanted to suggest as a solution to this riddle. Because there were some who were praying for His advent. All His beloved ones already were present on this planet Earth. And Krishna cannot leave without His devotees. Just like the devotees cannot leave without their Krishna. They belong to each other very strongly, it’s a very strong tie. Irrespective of the troubles around, irrespective of the influence of illusion, Krishna comes as a source of ultimate light. Like the sun – krishna surya-sama[1] , He is like the sun. Hope, spiritual presence. The hope that there is something beyond justice. And that He will share His ultimate nature with us, which primarily is merciful and secondly, more deep – it is blissful. Ananda-maya, Krishna is ananda-maya – He is made of happiness. Therefore when He comes to any place, He will change that place totally. Although that place might be in the realm of illusion, it will turn into heaven. Maybe the place that our Lord visits looks like part of the material realm, but it starts to be a spiritual kingdom. Or maybe we think that this place is heavily overburdened with problems, but all of a sudden His ananda-maya nature will pervade and overcome all the obstacles and difficulties. 
Please tell me a place in this universe, randomly. 
Answer: This ashram. 
Swami Tirtha: All right, good point; but locate it more precisely. 
Comment: Our heart.
Swami Tirtha: Oh, thank you! Which kind of place is this? Dominated by conflicts and illusion? Part of the material nature? A hellish planet – or what? Whatever it is, if somehow the ray of Krishna is projected there, this divine transformation will happen. Just think how it was before and how it is now. Right, there was some little change? Big change! That means wherever Krishna comes with His entourage, a big change will happen. 
We remember His advent not only in general, as a historic fact, but as spiritual presence or a spiritual reality. The best way to turn our heart into the best place in the universe is if you chant the Holy names in dedicated mood. 
1. Chaitanya Charitamrita, Madhya 22.31


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