Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



The whole universe was created by sound vibration – with all the difficulties and all the traps. But from this we can understand that the way back to overcome the troubles of creation is also through sound. So from chaos, sound created cosmos. From disordered, sound created order. And therefore the way back from this material plane to the spiritual plain is also by sound vibration – to purify the heart, to change the existence. And if you really chant and if you really feel this sound vibration, then you can feel the vibration of the universe. But this is a very elementary level of chanting – when you feel the vibration of the universe, ha!!! This is just intro! Because the real thing is when the sound and the vibration of the world are just stopped! That is real chanting.


The holly name of Krishna is so powerful that time stops. The planets move off their orbit. The stones start to melt. Non-moving living entities start to dance. Moving entities are frozen. And the ice heart is melting.


O, we can glorify the holly name for thousands of years – it wouldn’t be enough. But you can get the taste by chanting. If a devotee wants to gain more energy he can do more chanting. Because this is our sacrifice. And if your chanting is serious and determined, and pure enough – incredible fruits and effects will come. It is said that all the material and spiritual benefits will come by the blessings of the pure chanting.


How to chant better? What is the know how of chanting? And Shrila Shridhara Maharaj said that “We are not interested in pure chanting. We are interested in the service of those, who chant pure.” This was HIS level of understanding about pure chanting.


And many people think that the ultimate sacrifice is to chant the holly names. But I say – no! Until you can chant, you haven’t achieved ecstasy. Until you are able to pronounce the words nicely it’s nothing! What did Mahaprabhu say when He was in ecstasy? You remember – “ja ja ga ga du du.” He couldn’t say “Jagannath” – very simple word, especially for Indians. He could say only “ja ja ga ga du du”. So until we say “Hare Krishna” it’s very low, we are in the very beginning. When your voice chocks up… When you are unable to say, due to your emotional feelings – that is the beginning. But until that time you should go on chanting. This is the final sacrifice.

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