Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Let us dive deep into the ocean of revelation. We can come to the next level after the “Bhagavad-gita” and this is the “Shrimad-bhagavatam”. Although it contains eighteen thousand verses, it is also condensed in four verses. That is quite an achievement – to tell a long story very shortly. Here again Krishna is speaking. Krishna is teaching Brahma, the secondary creator of the universe. Brahma is the highest intellect in the universe. Still God Supreme is teaching this highest intellect: what kind of vision you must have in order to accomplish your duty. I do not know how you feel about yourselves, but I do not feel myself the greatest intellect in this universe. So, if even Brahma needed some guidance to fulfill his duty, what to speak of us?! Maybe our duty is not so complicated as for Brahma – to create a whole universe. In most of the cases your duty as men, for most of the men is to establish your families and take care of your children, of your beloved ones. Still it is complicated enough; we need some guidance to do it nice. And meanwhile not to forget about the highest goal. Because Brahma was arranging the universe, but he was doing that as a devotional service. We should also establish our small little worlds, our private universes with some guidance and not to forget about the highest goal.

These four verses of the “Shrimad-bhagavatam” are contained in the Second Canto. Let us first check the introduction, we can say, which is also a beautiful verse. This verse says: “All of Me, namely My actual eternal form and My transcendental existence, color, qualities and activities — let all be awakened within you by factual realization, out of My causeless mercy.”[1] So, Brahma will understand the message only by the blessings of the Supreme. “Whatever I have, whatever I possess, you will understand, let it be awakened in your heart through My blessings.” And then He says: “aham evasam evagre/ nanyad yat sad-asat param/ pascad aham yad etac ca/ yo ‘vasisyeta so ‘smy aham – Brahma, it is I, the Personality of Godhead, who was existing before the creation, when there was nothing but Myself. Nor was there the material nature, the cause of this creation. That which you see now is also I, the Personality of Godhead, and after annihilation what remains will also be I, the Personality of Godhead.[2]

The three phases of time: past, present and future – it is God Himself. Whatever existed before, whatever is now and whatever will be there in this universe – it is Him. Just think about the dimensions of this verse. Is not it extremely important and interesting „whatever existed before the creation”? We think that everything starts with the creation and there was nothing before. But here Krishna says: “Before anything else existed, I was.” He is Supreme, so He can exist in the past. But then He goes on telling: “The original form of the universe was unmanifested. Now it is manifested. Whatever is here is also a reflection of Me. What you see now, it is Me. And after it will be finished, whatever remains – it will be Me, I will stay.”

Everything that is created on the material platform is temporary. Still this is a reflection of the Supreme – present. And the future is also divine. Everything that is here in this material universe will be finished. Some few little things will remain: you, as spirit souls; God, Shri Krishna; and your love to Him. These will stay, because it is eternal, beyond the limitations of matter. Past is a history, future is a mystery, present moment is a gift. Because we can be happy right now. And as we discussed: where to find God; religion says in the past, mysticism says in the future, bhakti says now. This is our process, because the present moment is a gift.

Try to live your life like this: every moment, every day that is given to us is a gift! If we have such a past that it was Krishna and if we have such a future that it will be Krishna, what is in between the two – it is only the present day and it is also about Him. This is the way to see Krishna always – He is our past, He is our future and He is our present.

Here one small little thing is mentioned also: “Before creation when there was nothing but Myself, nor was there the material nature, the cause of this creation…” Material nature, prakriti, has a very special, double function: in one sense nature is an effect, and also a kind of cause. Nature is a divine power; and it starts to function, manifest and bring so many things to the surface. From this we can understand that if we equate the material world with this divine nature, this divine energy, then we can see the connection back to Krishna. This is the way to transform our vision about nature. Because if we speak about nature, we should always ask: “Whose nature is this?” Right, we always say: “You have a kind nature.” Or: “You have a rough nature.” Krishna has a beautiful nature! And He has the present as a gift! He is such a type of God that His past is eternal, His future is unlimited and His present is just beautiful.

(to be continued)

[1] “Shrimad-bhagavatam” 2.9.32

[2] “Shrimad-bhagavatam” 2.9.33

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