Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 27 of May 2006, Sofia)
To illustrate how much Lord Jagannath is not bound by the rules and regulations that we think, there is one story. Please, brahmacharis, don’t take the excuse. So there was a young man in Jagannath Puri, very devoted worshiper of the Lord. But he had a little affinity for ladies. All the time he was running after one or the other, sometimes even visiting prostitutes. He had this bad habit, conditioned by the body, but at the same time he was always praying and worshiping Lord Jagannath.
And once he was again visiting one lady during the night. And that night happened to be during the Ratha Yatra festival. So during the day he stayed also with the lady and meanwhile the procession started. Started – started… but all of a sudden the cart stopped. And you know, if the cart stops, there is a big problem, because the bramins cannot identify what’s happening. The pure and very strict bramins, sitting on the top of the cart, who are perfect in following every rule and regulation – they cannot move the cart. They tried from the front – to pull it; they tried from the back – to push it – doesn’t matter in either way. So then they started to pray: “O Lord, please tell us what’s going on!? We have to go to Your place, we cannot stop here so much! In this way we create a traffic-jam, policemen will come and what can we do?” And then Lord Jagannath inspired the priest: “Invite that devotee for Me.” So when he was jumping out of the home of the prostitute and arriving on the spot, coming to the cart, it just started.
So, don’t take it as an excuse: “Such a nice story, I will follow this example! This will invite the attention of my Lord!” No, please, not that way. But this only shows, that HE is not restricted by those rules, that you should follow. He can choose whomever He wants. May be somebody is a very famous great devotee, but Krishna is not that much satisfied with his company like with some very simple, little, stupid, UNKNOWN devotee.
So we cannot restrict Krishna. And also we cannot force Him. Therefore we should treat the devotees nice. Because you don’t know: may be this person is THE MOST DEAR to Krishna.
Very nice example is when Shrila Prabhupad was giving a lecture in Vrindavan. Big preachers and sannyasis and this and that were sitting in front of him. You know, it was just like a forest of dandas. And at the back some lady was caring water to clean the temple. And Prabhupad instructed his main leading preacher disciples. He said: “You don’t know anything about devotion. But that lady – she knows something.”
So don’t be allured by the position, by the form. Because how can we know what is there in Krishna’s heart? Who is most dear to Him?
May I tell you a personal story also? This is a simple story, not really concerning Krishna… But when I was living in Nanda Falva in the next farm there was living one old lady. She was a very strong character, she didn’t even know how old she is, she forgot. And she was very favorable for the devotees. Whenever the first flowers appeared in her garden, she was just giving these to the temple. Or when she got some donation of flour or sugar from the local municipality, also distributed it to the devotees… very sweet! From time to time I visited her, because I liked her very much. And consulting with such simple-hearted people I appreciate very much. She was living alone from many, many years. Because some forty years ago previously her husband died. And on the death bed the husband said: “Hey listen! Don’t bring some drunkard here!” She kept it. She didn’t start any connection, she raised the two sons and fulfilled all the duties around the house. Very strong, very strong lady.
Once I was going there during the summer and she said: “Hey! I don’t know who is that sinful in our company!” Then I said: “Aunt Marishka, what do you mean?” She said: “Somebody must be very sinful – so much so that rain is not coming!” So in her calculation, to do some sinful activities means – there is no rain! If there is no rain, somebody has committed something wrong. She was very simple-hearted.
Other times she asked: “What is the name of your God?” And I told: “The name of our God is Krishna.” And she said: “Because the name of MY God is Inri.” Because on the cross in that small plate it is written “I N R I” “Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum” . INRI. – “Jesus from Nazareth, King of the Jews”. It’s written on the cross. So… her God was not Lord Jesus, but Inri!
And I was just wondering, if I would be God, I would like her company very much. Because she was very simple, very open-hearted, with very deep faith. Not a complicated theological diploma, but pure heart.
So… God chooses whom He wants. It is said in the Upanishads: “You cannot reach Him by much studies, by your renunciation, by this or that… but whomever HE chooses, He will take.” So therefore we have no other duty, just invite Him: “Radhe Radhe Govinda!”

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