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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



hand by hand

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 07.01.2013, morning, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday) 

We should dedicate ourselves to some very high goal. We have to be fanatic about it. Usually we don’t appreciate fanaticism too much. But how can we reach anything without a big dose of fanaticism? It’s impossible! We have to dedicate our efforts to achieve something. If you are not fanatic about your faith, what will you reach?

Take the example of a sportsman. How much time does it take to achieve a gold medal at the Olympics? Minimum 10 years of heavy efforts day and night, every day. Although this is only a gold medal at the Olympic Games. Really they give their lives for their purpose. And our goal is not a gold medal. Our goal is the Golden Avatar. And how many crises a champion had to go through? You cannot imagine! Failures, mistakes and then the trainer comes and says: “No, run more!” When you feel like dead, he says: “Now continue!” What happens at the end? Everybody is crying when they stand on the highest platform and hear their national anthem. And what they will think and feel on that platform; ‘Oh, forget about the past. This moment is worth having all the troubles.’

So, in order to become a saintly person we have to go through all these difficulties. This is not a competition first of all. Spiritual life is not a competition. And there is a very nice example for that. Usually the most interesting athletic competition is the hundred meters run. What is the world record? 9.58 – so, in less than 10 seconds they are able to cover 100 meters. It’s incredible! And they say that the runners are not aware of the situation. They say that it is not sure that they breathe during these 10 seconds. They don’t know. They ran in a trance. They are just beyond the ordinary level of consciousness. So, the present day champion – I don’t know the name – he said: “Well, today there live more than 6 billion people on Earth. In the past there were some 4 more billion people, let’s say. And I am the fastest of all these 10 billion people!” Just imagine, that is something! I mean really, I don’t make it as a joke. Of course a rabbit can run faster than you, so it’s not a big thing, you are not faster than the 20 billion rabbits. But anyway, if you can be the best in all humanity, that is something great! Therefore all these 40 or 50 thousand people come together in the stadium to see who is running best. And you know for the last few years after the Olympic Games they always organize Paralympic Games. And they also have the 100 meters run. They had the starting shot and they started to move. After some moments one of them fell over. Fell over – that means he could not continue the run. And the person who was running at the front somehow noticed this. Then he stopped. And he returned. And everybody else stopped and returned. They joined their hands and they were walking the 100 hundred meters. All together. Spiritual life is not a competition. Who is best, who comes first, who comes last?

There are many examples how to approach the saintly qualities. Don’t worry if sometimes you stop and you go back to your friend, to your brother. Because this is not a one man show. And Krishna doesn’t need only the great ones and the good ones, and the super ones. We need the small ones also. We need the little slow ones, and the little stupid ones. Because you can never know who is the dearest to Krishna.

What is my vision of the Sofia ashram? Although here I see only champions… but when the time comes, hand in hand you walk. This is my vision. What is your vision? Please, adjust your vision if you have a different one.

So, to remove the cover of ignorance and to come to real vision we have to improve ourselves. Raise the level of awareness, and if we have a very high ideal, a very high goal, then it will be very easy to raise our level of awareness. Because compared to these ideals – selfless divine love, rapture, ecstasy of spiritual trance – compared to that everything is insignificant. Therefore it is suggested: always observe the Lotus feet of God. Raise your vision, don’t look into the mud. Always perform dharma and nothing irreligious. Look far, not close and pay respect to those whom we have to respect.

(to be continued)


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