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Sadhu Maharaj: Radhe Radhe Govinda… Guru-kripa hi kevalam. Guru-kripa, mercy of guru is the only thing we can achieve in our life. How mercy is coming? Mercy is coming like when it is raining. When water is raining, it is not that it will rain only on a certain area. It will rain in every place. Every place! And there is one small pot who also receives rain, and there is a big pot also receives rain, and one pot is not in the right shape, it is turned upside down. You know, if you want to receive something, it should be open, but if you turn the pot downwards, you cannot receive anything there.

So kripa, mercy of the rain is coming in every place. Guru is giving mercy to everyone. Yet we never try to keep our pot in the right shape. So rain is coming, but there is no water in the pot. Then you say: “I don’t get mercy!” Are bhaya[1], mercy is flowing, flowing – receive! Make your pot from small big! And if the pot is turned downwards, turn it upwards!

How this can happen? This is sadhana, effort; you have to do something for that. You have to see that you are a pot and how you are positioned. Where are you looking – you are looking to gurudev or you are looking to maya? If this is not the right time to fill your pot, after some time it will happen, but one day will happen for sure! There is no way. We cannot escape from this! There is only one way – going to spiritual consciousness. There is no other way!

You go to gurudev: “Gurudev, please, give me mercy!” He says: “Okay, if you want, I will give you harinam.” Then you think: “Ah, I’ve listened it so many times, I have done it so many times, it’s not anything new!” Yes, this is new thing. You say: how? That day is your birthday, your spiritual life starts. He is putting the seed inside you – the plant of love can grow inside you. Bhakti can grow. If you don’t believe me, think of your life before that day and after that day. This is the beginning of my life, start! I have wasted whole my life before that; now this is the right day and my fortune starts from this day. I can see different way, I can think different way, I can understand different way. And if I practice what he gave me and if I meditate on him, what will happen? Day by day, day by day, day by day you will grow as fast as you cannot believe. You can help so many people with your vibration, with your meetings – so many people will develop purity in their life!

This mercy is helping in the beginning, in the middle and in the last. In the highest spiritual consciousness this is going to be always with you. Krishna-prema sadhakau nahi… by efforts you cannot achieve prema of Krishna. How you will do efforts to do love with Krishna?! No, impossible! Krishna-prema sadhakau nahi! Shuddha chit! What is the way to reach that – shuddha chit, pure chitta, pure consciousness. Shuddha chitta means purity. How purity can come? Shuddha means to live in the purity, in the pure consciousness, in your spiritual consciousness, shuddha chit. That is shuddha chit! And this shuddha chit – means to become pure yourself – is coming only by the mercy of the spiritual master, by the name, by mahamantra. By taking that seed our chitta becomes shuddha. When my chitta will become pure by chanting mahamantra, by taking initiation from my spiritual master and by listening hari-katha, my prema will automatically udai – udai means like sun is shining, it will shine in a minute, it will shine to you just like sun is shining. Radhe Radhe Govinda

So we all are very fortunate that you came. Knowingly, unknowingly if any mistake happen from any devotees, from me, excuse me.

Tirtha Maharaj: No way, Maharaj! It’s impossible, no mistakes.

Sadhu Maharaj: It’s your turn… Radhe!

Tirtha Maharaj: What can I say, Maharaj!?

It is said there are three ways. One is the vedic, when you are born with the qualities. This is not for Kali-yuga. The second one is the tantric, when by some practice you achieve the qualities. But the third one is the bhagavat method – to put it very shortly this is the Mercy Sampradaya. And I think this is the only principle that we are here. Because we don’t possess good qualities and it is practically impossible to achieve good qualities. Therefore no other chance – only mercy.

[1] O, brother

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