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(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, May 2013, Sofia)
We have to continue our readings from Shrila Shridhara Maharaj and this very intimate topic “The eye to see Shri Guru”. So, how to find and how to serve the higher divine authorities? 
“Question of a devotee: “I don’t know if this is correct, but I have heard it is said that if the disciple is not spiritually successful, then the Guru may not return back to Godhead, but may remain in this brahmanda (universe). He may not return to Krishna until the disciple can also go.
Shrila Shridhara Maharaj: If that is the case, then no Guru can ever return to Krishna at any time, because the continuation of the disciples will go on, so he will have no final result at any time in his life. But we cannot think that this is so. Sometimes he may be deputed himself, or others also may be deputed in that case. But the inner instruction and inner feeling and paraphernalia will be such that in any case the disciples will have no trouble. The officer might change, but the function will go on smoothly. So the Guru may return – the nama-guru, mantra-guru, sannyasa-guru – they are all Gurus, but we must recognize something similar in them, and hence we are given the statement about the ontological aspect of Guru: sakshad dharitvena samasta – “I Myself appear as the Guru, who is simultaneously and inconceivably one with and different from Myself.” Krishna says, acaryam mam vijaniyat: “You should look there for Me. I am there. I am your Guru. With My different types of shakti, by the jivas recruitment or by any other way, it is My function to take you up to a different place. In every case I am there. I am there in My madhurya-rasa shakti, or sakhya-rasa shakti, My vatsalya-rasa shakti, dasya-rasa shakti, and in a general way also.”[1] Sometimes one may be recruited by the Ramanuja Sampradaya and then be converted to join the Krishna Sampradaya or the Gaudiya Sampradaya. That is also possible. We are to remember the eternal link” .
Is this clear? This situation is very similar to a family connection. Guru is like a father, disciple is like a son. And here the question was whether if the son is not successful, then the father cannot return home back to Godhead. But is that just? If I am stupid, I will give big trouble to my father. Well, it’s not very just. The other case doesn’t happen – that the father is stupid, there is no such case. But in the tradition it is said that sons can help the fathers. Whatever is accomplished by the father, will be inherited by the son; and whatever is not accomplished by the father the son can continue and fulfill that duty. So, you as fathers and mothers are also included. What is your inheritance that you will give to your children? Your negative bank account? ‘Yes, my dear son, this is my gift to you. Take care of this.’ Or what? So, you have to collect some merits in order to provide for others. But in case you, fathers, are not successful, please have sons and train your sons in such a way that they can help you. And this is not an excuse for lazy fathers: ’Well, I am here to enjoy my life, and if there is God, maybe my son will help me to reach there’. Not in this way. 
But as I told you many times, the Sanskrit expression of the son is very meaningful. What is the word for a son? Putra. Put means ‘hell’, tra means ‘to liberate’. So, a real son is such a person who can liberate the father even from hell. And what is the other word for a son? Mutra. Mutra is ‘urine’. Both urine and the son come from the same channel – one is useful, the other is like a waste material. 
So, my dear brothers you are not only fathers, but you are also sons of your fathers. If you expect your sons to be putra and not mutra, then please also qualify yourself as putra and not mutra. In case the father cannot accomplish something due to some reason, the sons should be so strong and dedicated that they should accomplish. 
Some very similar connection is there between the spiritual masters and their dedicated followers. In case something is not accomplished by the Guru, the disciples can inherit and continue. And as all these principles are under divine guidance, ultimately success will come to all parties involved. 
Question: When is a person ready to go back to Godhead? Is it when this is the only wish he has? 
Swami Tirtha: Well, it’s one side, one prerequisite; but there is another side also – he has to be invited or accepted. Just like in the case of prasadam. We have a little part in this and Krishna has the bigger part in prasadam. Our part is to cook, to prepare, to chant the mantras, to ring the bell, make the offering. But don’t think that this is enough! ‘I had rung the bell’ – it doesn’t make it a prasadam. The bigger part is done by Krishna, because He accepts. In the same way we ‘cook’ ourselves in sadhana-bhakti, we ring our bells, etc. etc. We do all the necessary engagements, but ultimately we have to be accepted – then we might enter. Otherwise who can say: ‘Yes, now I am ready’?  
(to be continued)
1. “The Golden staircase, Chapter 2, by Shrila Shridhara Maharaj

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