Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

The real masters are good trainers at the same time. For example, if you join the group of sportsmen, most probably you are not the world champion yet. Not yet. But it might happen. For example the hundred meters short runners; practically they are running in ecstasy. They are unaware what is going on during these ten or nine seconds. They do not know even if they breathe or not. They come to such a state that they are absolutely beyond the bodily consciousness; otherwise they cannot accomplish. So what is the goal of guru as a trainer? To help you get rid of you gross bodily consciousness – with all the efforts that he is pushing on you. Although he knows that for the first run you will run the hundred meters for half an hour. He knows that this is not a very good time. Still he does not give you up. He invests his energies into you. Why? What is the secret formula?  This is divine love. Because a real master does not see your past, does not see your present; he sees your future. He is investing into your future, and your eternal future. Therefore the service of a real master is much greater than what we can ever give.

And ultimately guru is a function of the Divine. So by this training we can come closer to the ultimate rules of the universe, of the existence. And as Lord Krishna is famous for His lilas, not for His rules, lila means divine game – beyond rules, beyond regulations, beyond even the laws of our understanding. Because this is alive, this is not something canonized so to say. And to be part of real life, we have to give up our bodily conceptions: what is right, what is wrong according to our brain. Somebody has to break these false conceptions. But of course it does not mean that guru is wrong, but he is super-good.

So, the secret formula, the hidden essence is divine love. And this is what you should be able to perceive in the eyes of your master. Even if he is shouting at you, the eyes will always smile. It is very difficult to cover that! To hide the real intention of the master – that he wants to serve you.

But a good master is not only a good trainer, he is a good actor also. He can show such a face that you would never expect, that you had never seen before. This is when guru-person breaks our conception about guru-tattva. But these are rare and blessed moments – how to get rid of the false conceptions that we might have.

The power of surrender is something beyond limits! Just try once in your lifetime what does it mean to fully dedicate yourself and you will see! You will feel the wings coming on your back!

The power of dedication is beyond any limit. Why? Because it comes from the deepest and purest core of the heart, and you surrender before Divinity! God is good. If you dedicate yourself to Him, He will give you everything. In “Gita” it is said: “I will preserve what you have and I will bring what you need.” This is not theory, this is the truth. Even if you do not dedicate yourself He will preserve and bring what you need! What to speak of “Now I am Your disciple, soul surrendered unto You.” This is one of the most glorious positions that we can take – a surrendered servant.

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