Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

To provide peace of the whole humanity we must be realistic and idealistic at the same time. Realistic in that sense to say “thief” to a thief, to say “illusion” to illusion; and idealistic in the sense that you should support people’s faith. Sometimes faith is also illusion. People like to be cheated. This world consists of two kinds of people – the cheaters and the cheated. Which group you want to belong to? If you want to belong to the cheaters, then big karma will come. And if you want to be cheated, then how can you achieve perfection and the absolute truth? So, search for the absolute truth! Don’t waste your faith in superficial things. Don’t think that illusion will help you, however sweet this illusion is. Truth is difficult to tolerate, but illusion will never help. To sleep on the lap of Maya Devi – golden slumbers, sweet dreams…

Once there was a lady. She had an old husband, who was wealthy. And he was such a fool that he thought: “Ah, my young wife loves me.” But she was not loving you, my dear, she was loving only your pocket. And of course she had another lover – young and beautiful prince. But he was empty-handed, poor like anything. It is always like that – in the beginning you have the capacities, but you don’t have the resources. In the end you have the resources, but you don’t have the abilities. This was happening in this case also. And they decided somehow to get the money and to get rid of the old guy. So they decided to kill the old husband. Everything was very successful; they could kill him easily and take all the riches in a bag. And of course they were escaping – they wanted to start a new life, far away, where nobody knows them. While running they came to a river. But you know, to cross a river, especially if there is no ferryboat and no bridge, is quite difficult – you have to swim. But there was one little problem – the lady did not know how to swim. Therefore the man told her: “Give me the riches, I will swim across the river. Give me the riches and give me your clothes, because then I can keep the cloths above the water and they will not be wet. I will cross the river, come back to you and then I will take you also.” The lady was satisfied: “Ah, you take care of me so nicely!” So she took off the clothes and gave it to the young man with the riches and he was crossing. But it was a big river, so she could not see the other side – it was curving. So, he was gone and the lady was waiting – naked on the bank. And while she was waiting there was a jackal, who was holding some flesh in his mouth. This was his dinner. But as the jackal came close to the river, somehow the sound of dogs made him frightened. And all of a sudden the flesh just dripped from his mouth into the water. Immediately a big fish came and took all the meat. And the lady, seeing this occasion, started to laugh: “Bad luck, poor guy, you have lost your dinner.” And the jackal said: “Hey, what you are talking about?! You are sitting here naked, killed the husband, took the wealth, and now your wealth and your lover is also gone. And you are laughing at me?”

Sometimes people like to be in illusion. Just like the lady – thinking that her lover will come for her. So, be ready to say: “No!” to illusion! Illusion will never help you. Truth is very far from illusion. And never commit anything against the desire of Krishna, otherwise you will lose. Always do good! Of course, it is difficult to know what is good and what is bad, but this is the duty of an intelligent person to find out. Search!

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