Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 07.01.2017 morning, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday)

If we examine family relationships in spirituality, usually we see that people, especially in Christianity, have the concept of God as Father. Then naturally we are the subordinates; He is the Father and we are like sons and daughters gone astray. But sometimes we can develop an understanding of different family relationships – when God is not only in the role of a father, but He can take other roles. Like you can develop such a mood when you feel that God is your son. As it s said that the devotee develops the consciousness of the superior.

But let’s go according to the first feeling – when you feel that God is your father. Pradyumna is a good example for that. Pradyumna is the son of Krishna and what was his attitude is described very-very nicely. It is said: “He never talked to his father in a loud voice. Hardly he opened his mouth – he was so respectful. And he didn’t even show that his face was fully wet with tears, he was only looking at the lotus feet of Krishna. Immediately obediently he carried out all the duties, took all the tasks as nectarean engagement. And if Krishna didn’t agree on certain points, then he rejected it as poison, even if it was sweet as nectar.”

This example of Pradyumna shows his mood and his respect to Krishna as a father – I think this is very exemplary. Krishna had many sons as He had all the wives in Dwaraka and from all the wives he had ten sons. When these sons saw that Krishna is returning to Dwaraka, they were overwhelmed with ecstasy, therefore they started to commit mistakes up and down. You know, when you are so much in anxiety, you lose control; this happened to them also.

What are the symptoms of such an attitude of obedient sons? To offer the respects and to bow down, to be always very meek and humble; obedience, readiness to accept all the instructions; they even controlled laughter or coughing before Krishna. They were so respectful. And also they did not discuss the private affairs of Krishna. Then we want to discuss rasa-katha? Where is this full respect first? Where is this total obedience? So maybe we should develop some more qualities in order to enter the private things.

This is one little aspect – when we accept Krishna or God Supreme as a father. But many times we read and we hear about the other part of the family relationships – when Mother Yashoda or Nanda Baba play the role of mother and father. The previous stage is when the devotee approaches Krishna in a very respectful manner, and when Krishna comes as a child, this is even more charming. It’s natural that we feel subordinate, but it’s so nice that He is ready to come as subordinate. How is that? Because Nanda and Yashoda have so much overpowering love that even Krishna couldn’t resist.

So, one conception in family relationships is God-father. And here we meet the opposite conception – God-son. One way is to perform all the tapas and all the prayers in order that Krishna comes as your family member. These are either very pure souls or eternal companions. The other is when we develop the similar consciousness, the similar attitude and cherish the mood that we can treat Krishna as a beloved son. This type of cultivation is more favorable – to perceive the same mood, not to have the so called ‘blood relationship’. And this mood is a special blessing of either Krishna or a pure devotee. But in order that this mood is fully developed and receives a feedback from the Lord, full and total purification is necessary.

(to be continued)


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