Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, May 2013, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday) 

Question: Gurudev, what happens if one recognizes as his guru somebody who is already not in a physical body?

Swami Tirtha: It’s a sensitive topic. If you had asked me that question twenty years back, I would have immediately said: “Wrong”. But if you ask me today – if all the participants are very pure and innocent in their hearts and also if there is no cheating mentality, if this is not an escape from a living connection – then I might say it is possible.

Nevertheless it is always very good to have a feedback. But we don’t believe in the bodily existence, we believe in the spiritual existence. On that platform the higher ones might come and invite you to join their mission. Maybe they don’t show their bodies, but they show their willpower or invitation.

Yet I am sure we all had heard that as an excuse: “Oh, I have heard that this is the divine desire, so I will do it.” If there is no security system, in that case, it’s risky, no doubt. And how can we protect ourselves? Only with sincerity. Because actually one engagement in this material world is very popular – cheating others. It’s widespread! There is only one engagement that is even more popular than this – it’s cheating yourself. So, how to avoid cheating others and cheating ourselves? Be sincere!

Question of Paramananda: If it is appropriate, one more question on the topic of guru. We know that Bilvamangala Thakura is having generally said three spiritual masters. We can say that the first one helped him to really start the active spiritual part of his life. The second one was giving him direct instructions and gave him initiation. I think also the second one gave him the sannyas order initiation. And the third guru is a very interesting phenomenon for me, because he explains that his instructing guru was Krishna himself. If you could, please, share more about this topic. One of the things which I am specifically interested in is if the position to be instructed directly from the Supreme is reserved only for those persons who belong to His close entourage. Or practically every soul can somehow receive this position?

Swami Tirtha: I also have a question. Who was the first guru?

Paramananda: Chintamani.

Swami Tirtha: What was her position? Worldly engagement?

Paramananda: She was a prostitute.

Swami Tirtha: Yes. So, Bilvamangala Thakura’s life story shows that we should go beyond formalities. Formally the social position of a prostitute is not very high. But she was more devoted and more aware of the real values of life than her partner. So, usually we expect guru-tattva to manifest in a splendid orange dhoti. But sometimes guru-tattva comes in the shape of a prostitute – unexpected! So, go beyond formalities. We can never know who the dark horse is. Respect all and be eager for instruction!

Concerning your second topic – whether the direct instructions are available or not. Well, there is a connection between Krishna and all the souls. Through His presence in your heart He is able to instruct every individual. And our duty is to purify our capacity to hear and perceive the instructions so much, that we are able to get that message. So, this subtle inner guidance is always there. We only have to remove our resistance.  



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