Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Question of Shanti Devi: My question is how important it is to be in the line?

Tirtha Maharaj: Sticking to the line – I think this is very important. But, you know, politics also comes from spiritual practices, it also comes from spiritual platform. And in politics they differentiate between the nationalistic approach and the chauvinistic approach. What is nationalistic? It is when they say: “Croatian nation is the best!” But when you say: “I am good but the other is wrong” – this is chauvinistic. So, we should feel that our line, our faith, our tradition, our guru is the best. But immediately if you say: “Yours in not the best,” this is offensive, this is stupid. Because in this way we try to limit divinity. We want to think that divinity can come only through one channel. Is that true? I think this is opposing the rasa-tattva! There is not only one rasa that is available in the spiritual sky. There is multiplicity of rasa. If there is multiplicity up there, there should be multiplicity down here. So there are many representatives. Krishna can reach out for His devotees through different channels, He has unlimited ways to attract attention. Just recently we made an investigation – what devotees need. And mostly they were praying and crying for more bhajan, kirtan, jumping…

Somebody: Prasadam

Tirtha Maharaj: It was not mentioned, I think they are supplied. But this is very attractive. Others are attracted by personal experience. Still others by philosophy. You know, Krishna has many ways to attract people. So we cannot limit. Because through the masters the guru-tattva functions. The guru-tattva has a very special feature that if you start to cultivate your guru-bhakti, then it starts to work for you. Through that channel it can reach you. You start to cultivate, you start to express your faith to your spiritual master and then this channel opens for you, Krishna can guide you through that channel. This is a very mystic thing! And as this is very sacred, therefore we have to respect this function. Because if this function, guru-tattva, somehow enters our life, it will change it, definitely it will change our life. This is a sacred, divine intervention into our life. And into the life of other devotees. So we should respect this, because it is a very delicate question. We should respect the sacred function of Krishna guiding the devotees – this is very unique and very beautiful feature. Nityananda Prabhu is guiding that process.

So even a little fanatic we can be regarding our line, so to say. You know, like fan club. There are fan clubs of this, of that – they come together, they enjoy, they exchange pictures of film stars… We can be a fan club; but our fan club should never go against the other fan clubs. We should not be chauvinistic, exclusive – exclusive in that sense that we exclude others from the nectar. No, we should be inclusive.

This is my opinion of how to stay in tune, how to be loyal and faithful to your line and at the same time not to be stupid and offensive to others. I have learned from Shrila Narayan Maharaj, he says: “Give proper respect to everyone.” I think this is the best advice. If we give proper respect to everyone according to their status, there is no harm. Otherwise you easily become a spiritual prostitute – if you do not stick to the line. But never mind, Nityananda Prabhu can preach to the prostitutes also.

Feel blessed because this divine principle has entered your life. And this is yet the beginning of the journey, there are so many miracles to be experienced. They are waiting for all of us. So we should go, we should search – search for Shri Krishna, reality the beautiful.

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