Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

It is said: if you got a slap on this chick – just show the other. And you will get the next slap also – you can be sure. But anyway, whatever we offer to God, it should be offered, it should be dedicated. If you offer your humble and gentle mood – then you do it, but don’t expect anything in return. If you are not ready to act on the same platform of humility, then don’t! You understand? If you give something – give it! Forget it! It’s given!

Don’t wait anything in return! If this is a donation or gentle mood or a good word – don’t expect anything in return. This is not a business; this is your spiritual practice – that you GIVE. My business is to give – and what the result is, it’s not my business. What is coming to me, it’s not my business.

Again, what is given in the Bible? You should be like dove and like snake at the same time. Be gentle as a dove and be clever as a snake. Humility doesn’t mean that you are stupid, that you believe everything, that you tolerate everything. When you feel that there is some practical use of devoting your energy to that purpose – you do. But when you feel that there’s no use, I cannot help – then you don’t do, you stop.

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