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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 07.01.2013, morning, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday) 

Yet another field where usually we lose control is defending ourselves. There are three types of people: one is generating conflicts, the second is avoiding conflicts and the third one is solving the problems. This is the rarest – who can solve. To generate is very easy! To avoid – not so easy! But to resolve – that’s practically impossible if you have enough players. Therefore, as one of our respected senior brothers and teachers said: “You have to decide whether you are part of the problem or the solution.”

 So, defending means that I reject everything concerning me and I try to push everything over the others. But these defense techniques are also very basic and connected to a kind of selfishness. Until we want to prove ourselves or to establish ourselves privately, independent of others, we can call this a selfish game, a one man show. But as we take birth in this material network of entanglement, therefore we play this individual game.

Therefore we can say that spiritual progress means from your selfish ego you come to your good self. From the false you come to the real. So, practically all different symbolic systems describe this progress – how to overcome the problems coming from the selfish and distorted identity. And especially in this very basic defending technique of survival we usually blame others. ‘I am happy due to my efforts – this is for sure. But I am unhappy because of others – because the government raised the taxes, because there is a crisis in the world, because we have lost Dobruja 100 years back, etc. Because I have a husband. Because I don’t have a husband’. So, everybody else is blamed. Not me. ‘I am so pure, I am so great, I am so nice, but the others…’

And finally, as we had studied religion, we know that God is the ultimate cause of all causes. So, it’s obvious that ‘ultimately He is the cause of all my troubles!’ Which is actually true, because He wants to show a mirror to you. Until we are not tested… Once I met a priest. We had a very nice discussion concerning faith and he said: “Well, until your faith is not tested you don’t know how strong it is.” So, if I sit at home in my armchair I might think: ‘Oh, my faith is so strong! My dedication to God is so perfect! What else can I offer? I had surrendered everything! Until nobody enters my room. As soon as somebody enters my room, my life, my pile of garbage – my peace, my dedication and my meditation is broken into pieces. Because others disturb me!’

So, half of the cycle of material life is passed in this ego principle – going through the experience of existence, the experience of possessions, and the experience of intelligence, the experience of faith, of service, and finally love. So, half of the cycle are all these different stages that are there on the ego principle. And then in the other half you start: ‘We exist, we love, we serve, we are intelligent, etc.” – so, this is the unity principle, the community principle. Nevertheless we all have to take this different experience and be ready in all positions to overcome these basic instincts. How to achieve that? Raise your level of awareness. As I told you, here in this very important verse Krishna says: “The Supreme Lord does not assume anyone’s sinful or pious activities”.[1]

So, we cannot blame God for our fortune or misfortune, because He is independent. Maybe we are not independent, but He is! So, by raising our level of awareness we can get rid of the ignorance covering our real knowledge.


(to be continued)

[1] Bhagavad Gita, 5.15


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