Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 6 of September 2005, Ahtopol)
I would like to mention something about another proof of the power of mantras and sound. Sound is very important. There is a Japanese scientist and he started to analyze water by examining it’s crystal structure in a frozen state of ice. When they take pure water, coming form a spring or waterfall – some living water – and they freeze it, the structure is beautiful.
But when they take some water from a big tank, like a reservoir, which is keeping the water from it’s natural flow, obstructing the flow and keeping it in unnatural state, then the frozen structure is distorted and unharmonious. But, you know, in Japan Shinto is very strong traditional religious approach. They appreciate nature as some divine potency. So this scientist invited a Shinto priest to say some prayers and mantras over the water of that big tank. And then they took another sample of the water, close to the priest, freezing it and the structure became beautiful again. Then they checked again – they took the water very far away from the priest on the same tank – the structure again was beautiful. So sound HAS effect on the structure of frozen water. I mean not only on frozen water – on water – but you can see the difference in a frozen state.
Our body contains three quarters of water. So if you chant your mantras in the morning, the structure of your bodily water will be beautiful. What to speak of the brain structure! Of course we don’t want to freeze the brains of the devotees… But it DOES has effect on the whole existence of the devotees.
Of course, we don’t have to prove the power of chanting by analyzing the structure of the water. Still this is another proof that sound has incredible effect. And the result of this experiment is parallel with the creation. From the chaotic primordial water BY SOUND a harmonious universe was created. From chaos – cosmos. This is the power of the sound. So from the chaotic mind you can create harmonious heart. In this way we can create a cosmic structure in our little individual existence. If we want to make an order in our life, first we should stick to the divine sound.
Because if this first meditation is pure, all the other levels of our existence will be purified. Everything is evolving from up to down. It’s a descending process. Of course sometimes the forces from down try to put some shade over the higher forces, but nevertheless light will gain victory. So even science is glorifying the power of mantras! Therefore in this respect we can glorify science: “Yes, you tell the same what we had realized!”
And if you have pure meditation, if you have pure sound, pure words – then you will have pure actions also. One goes with the other. Nothing is independent in our life from each-other, it’s a complete whole, whatever we have it’s a complete whole. But if divine energy is INFUSED in our life, then more power, a higher level of existence will be manifested. That is purification – when a higher force is coming to help on the lower level. What is the definition of sin? To use the higher energy for lower purposes. But if a higher energy comes for help on the lower level – what it’s called? That is called mercy! So we should not be so stupid not to grab this opportunity. Don’t loose mercy slipping out of your hands!

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