Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



Knowledge, memory and forgetfulness all come from Krishna. First He is giving little forgetfulness, then He gives knowledge and finally He gives remembrance. And if you consider these three things, they are on a gradual level of deeper and deeper spiritual understanding.

How is it that forgetfulness is coming from Krishna? In two ways: He helps us to forget about material things, material attachments – because He exercises His attractive power. And after He attracts – then you forget – and later you will understand. So first you forget about material, then you start to understand something little about divine. And when you are strong in knowledge, then you understand that God is Supreme. But at that time the soul is not really satisfied. To live close to Vitosha, but not be able to climb the mountain – your soul will never be satisfied. So if we know only that God is great, it’s not satisfying. But this is great knowledge – to understand that He is great, no doubt.

Then again Krishna will give you forgetfulness, when you can forget about His greatness. First illusion was maha-maya. Maha-maya divides. But this forgetfulness is called yoga-maya and that unites. You forget about the greatness of God and you can come closer. If Sadhu Maharaj would exercise his royal power, then you would be very much afraid to approach him. Because in front of a king we tremble a little. But as he exercises his Maharaja power – then embraces everybody. So this is another forgetfulness with Krishna. Krishna becomes a naughty boy for you. Or He becomes a best friend, est.… according to your vision, according to your ability to respond to His original call. But that forgetfulness, that divine forgetfulness is very beneficial in spiritual sense.

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