Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 09.01.2014, evening, Sofia)

Question: Why is the spiritual master of Rama, Vasishtha Muni, teaching Him of knowledge and wisdom and not of bhakti? Is it because of the different age only?

Swami Tirtha: Rama Avatar is Maryada-Purushottam. What does it mean? That means His role was a little different. We can call Krishna Lila-Avatar – who comes for pastimes of loving connection with His beloved devotees. And no doubt, the devotees of Rama also have a very dedicated connection to Him. Yet in that specific role He came for a different purpose – to show His divine splendor and powers. Rama, equipped with this knowledge and heroism, was protecting the rishis and munis performing their sacrifices. And they were so much attracted to Him that they ran to Him to embrace. But then Rama stopped them: “Not this time. Very soon I will come as Krishna and then you may join our lilas, and then you can have this chance of open service connection.”

And sometimes the gurus also reserve the right to teach certain truths. Is it necessary for Lord Rama to be instructed on divine knowledge? I don’t really think; yet the spiritual master is instructing Him. Is it of any use in our case that the spiritual master instructs us in divine knowledge? No use either, but for a different reason. Nevertheless our masters are ready to take the trouble. Because they have this lila – trying to instruct others on divine truths. This also shows that divine truth, divine knowledge is something very sacred. Both the master and the incarnation are ready to pay attention to that. So how much we should pay attention to that!

You mentioned divine knowledge. What is the ripe form of knowledge? That is wisdom. And what is wisdom? Wisdom is the practical ability to love. So, finally Vasishtha Muni was instructing divine love.

Actually for us everything tells about this. Just like in Ayodhya, which is the place of Lord Rama, everything tells to the devotees about Rama. Once we visited Ayodhya. It was a very strange experience. We even had to show our passports and they examined our visas to join the queue to enter the temple. So it was quite difficult to wait until we could see the place of birth of Lord Rama, but we were so fortunate to have that vision. And then we understood that there is a Vishnu temple also in this place. A black deity of Vishnu with four hands is worshipped there in this small temple. So we inquired from the locals: “Where is this important Vishnu temple?” “Aaa, you are searching for the black Rama.” Because Rama’s body is like bluish, bright and ‘you are searching for the black version of our Rama”.

So for them everything is Rama. For us everything is Krishna. For the rasic devotees everything is prema, divine love. Somebody mentions divine knowledge – and we hear: ‘Ah, prema!’

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