Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 10.05.2017 pm, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday)

You can consider the mind an enemy or a friend. But one thing is for sure – the mind is just like a hungry ghost. It wants to eat, you have to feed it. What kind of foodstuff would you give it? It’s up to you. But the foodstuff will have an effect on the functioning of your mind. Our mind is selective. And I don’t know about your mind, but my mind has an inclination to bad, negative stuff. Always searching for the defects and always trying to find the mistakes and this and that… My God, I have a hard time!

We shouldn’t search for mistakes. We shouldn’t feed our mind with shortcomings. We shouldn’t feed our mind with bad news. Because then the bad news are not outside anymore, but inside. Then you will have really bad company. So we have to be careful with the foodstuff for the mind.

But as our mind needs something to feed on, we have to supply something. And as the three main functions of the mind are thinking, willing and feeling, therefore we have to give it super food, right, vegan.

So, what kind of super food is there for the first function of the mind – thinking? Think of God, think of His unlimited qualities.

The second function is the willpower. Think about your way out from the labyrinth – so, the super food for the willpower of the mind is your individual plan of salvation. You need to find the mission of your life. You shouldn’t wait for others to do that, it’s your job. Find you mission. Have a program for this lifetime: ‘Yes, I want to go home, back to Godhead. I want to use all my willpower to say “no” to illusion and say “yes” to the divine reality.’ In the ancient Christian scriptures baptism is described in a very detailed manner. When somebody wanted to join the church, he had to say, I think three times, “No” in rejection to the devil. So, use your willpower to isolate yourself from stupidity. This is the super food for the second function of the mind – use your willpower for the commitment to the truth.

What kind of super food to find for the third function of the mind – feeling?

Answer: Chanting of the holy names.

Swami Tirtha: Yes, let’s start with the simple food – compassion. Or you are feeling lonely in the spiritual sense, excluded from the divine reality. Then you can feel compassion for others.

But ultimately, why not feed our mind with the nectar of immortality, amrita! Give me amrita! Just recently I asked Pavitra Prabhu to bring some whipped cream for adding to some drink, some hot chocolate or something. But somehow it was stale; and then Pavitra Prabhu immediately said: “I will bring a new one, no problem.” Then I said: “It’s only one or two more days of staying here, so it’s not necessary to supply it.” But then I achieved a small enlightenment, I said: “No, I cannot tolerate living without the nectar for two days! So, bring the whipped cream.” Why should we tolerate living without this nectar, this super food for the soul if we can take it? Divine feelings are the best food for the soul! So, cultivate that, taste that nectar! You are born from the ocean of nectar. This is your destiny. Don’t be satisfied with anything less, you are born for enjoying the nectar of immortality! We are not born here to suffer and to end up in death. No, we are born to accomplish our journey and enjoy the divine nectar. The beautiful loving pastimes of the Divine Couple – this is the best food for the mind that we have to contemplate. This is the way to find your inner peace.

“This uncontrolled mind is the greatest enemy of the living entity. If one neglects it or gives it a chance, it will grow more and more powerful and will become victorious. Although it is not factual, it is very strong. It covers the constitutional position of the soul. O King, please try to conquer this mind by the weapon of service to the lotus feet of the spiritual master and of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Do this with great care.”[1]

This is the way, this is the method. Yasya deve para bhaktir/ yatha deve tatha gurau/ tasyaite kathita hy arthah/ prakashante mahatmanah[2] – the divine glories are revealed to those, whose faith in the spiritual master and in God is complete, uninterrupted. Yasya deve para bhaktir yatha deve tatha gurau – if you have full faith in God and, just in the same manner, in the master, then all the divine secrets will be revealed to you. Prakash – revelation.

(to be continued)

[1] Shrimad Bhagavatam, 5.11.17

[2] Shvetashvatara Upanishad 6.23

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