Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

How to preach, how to show bhakti in such a way to people, so that they should take the courage to jump into darkness. How to preach? Let me tell you a story.

When the first Hungarian “Bhagavad-gita” was printed, our Gurudev brought one of these “Gitas” to Shrila Prabhupad in Vrindavan. This was the season for mangoes. You know, Prabhupad liked mangoes very much. And he also had one favourite sweet. What was the favourite sweet of Shrila Prabhupad? Sandesh. Have you ever tested sandesh? So Gurudev was buying some ripe mangoes and some sandesh on a market place. And with the fruits and the sweets and the “Bhagavad-gita” he was approaching Shrila Prabhupad. You know, in India they wrap everything in newspapers. Prapbhupad was opening the mangoes, smelling, touching a little bit if it is ripe enough and he told to one devotee: “Al right, go and peel, and bring it back to me.” Until that time he was checking the “Gita”, he was always very satisfied if some achievement happened, and they were discussing with Gurudev some points of philosophy, when the sandesh and the mango arrived. Prabhupad started to eat and then he said: “You see, this is the best way of preaching – first-class philosophy, first-class prasadam.”

So give people something sweet. Very high quality philosophy, first-class smell, incense, good people, quality people, some service is also there, but singing, dancing, eating – the holy trinity of Gaudia Vaishnavism. Prabhupad says, everybody likes such a process where you can eat, dance, sing. But this is the PR. Somebody has to wash the pots also.

StillKrishnais all-attractive. And irrespective of any bad news, He will exercise His attractive power over people. And if we try to follow Him and our spiritual masters in a moderate and nice way, then we shall meet nice people.

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