Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

There is a gradation: first there are the sense objects, higher there are the senses themselves, then there is the center of the sense organs – this is the mind, after this there is the intelligence and then there is the soul. If we examine this gradation, then we can understand which has the most power. The objects are very powerful but they are on lower level than the sense organs, because the sense organs can observe the sense objects. The mind can control the organs, intelligence can control the mind. The problem is when mind and senses start to control the intelligence. Then the whole situation is turned upside down. You have to struggle hard to elevate yourself and falling down is so easy. It is said that in Vaikuntha (the spiritual sky) not even the leaves fall down.


We shall live in Vaikuntha’s atmosphere and this is the temple, the protective shield of the temple. Because the natural tendencies are outside, but the supernatural tendencies are inside. And you all as devotees have supernatural, superhuman qualities, divine qualities. If you surrender fully, then you can become minimum demigods. What is the definition of a demigod according to Krishna book[1]? The definition is that they live only for the satisfaction of Krishna. So if somebody is living only for Krishna’s happiness, he or she is demigod or demigoddess.


This is the goal of control – to achieve the superhuman, divine qualities; and actually to help the divine qualities to manifest. They are there just like the living fire under the pile of ashes. Don’t be like ashes, be like living fire!


So control of body, mind and senses helps us to avoid stumbling-blocks on the spiritual path of progress. And the best way, the best remedy is the holy name! Try to penetrate the secrets, wait and invite the secrets of the holy name to open up in you.



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