Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

“I am the original fragrance of the earth, and I am the heat in fire. I am the life of all that lives, and I am the penances of all ascetics.”[1]

When the rain starts you feel very special and very good flavor. And I think some Australian or some western scientist examined where this odor is coming from. Because we may think that this odor is coming from the rain, but actually this is coming from the earth. By the rain this odor is just released from the earth. Another proof of the Vedas! You remember this very fine, very special odor – this is the original odor of the earth. So ether is filled with sound and earth is filled with odor. And these natural things determine so much in our life. For example you are happy when there is sun and not so happy when there is no sun. Or for us it is obvious that there is only one sun in the sky, only one moon and many stars. But if you are living on a different planet, maybe you have two suns and three moons in the sky; and then that will be natural. This is so natural for us to have two legs; we identify fully with the human body. Maybe in different circumstances you have a completely different body. So, until a certain limit we live on the natural platform and we are determined by these borders, so to say. And if we act according to the different impulses, coming from these biological, earthly and natural elements, then we accept: “Ah, this is very much human.” Although they are not especially human, they are part of the natural arrangement. And until we act only according to these impulses, then we are only natural, human. Superhuman you can become when you start to be supernatural. Do you understand what I mean? When we are not only on the biological platform, but when we come to the spiritual, we come to the atman platform. It is a big difference! Big difference. So if we really want to be superhuman living entities, then we should somehow overcome the limitations of body, mind, biology, genetics, etc, etc. This is very difficult. Very few glimpses we have during our lifetime.

Always we should try to look beyond the curtain of illusion. Illusion is natural, natural arrangement. We consider the smell of the earth very pleasant. Although usually people are so dull that they do not even recognize that this is nice. They say: “Ah, again it is raining!” This is their main problem. They do not see the beauty. So even to recognize the beauty of the natural arrangement – it is a high level. But to recognize the beauty of the supernatural level – that is a real achievement.

Finer and finer we should become – more sensitive. This can be achieved through different methods. By theoretical analysis: you can judge what is what, examine, penetrate deeply and try to figure it out – how everything is working. But this is quite dry. For example, in human relations not only the practicality of the connection is the point, but there must be something beyond. Analysis means the practical; it is the same level – dry. In human relations we can find some rasa, some happiness. Which is attractive. Rasa is attractive.

And if you have a higher goal, then it is more attractive, more interesting. Analysis can be achieved by mind or intellect; this can be achieved by emotions. When you feel something. Usually feelings you cannot really explain, even on a biological level. “Why do I love this girl? Because she is there.” That is a stupid explanation! “Because she is nice.” Ugly like anything! “For me she is nice!” So on a biological level – no explanation for emotions. This is beyond! It shows that emotions are beyond explanations, beyond intellect, beyond mind. It means that this is something higher, more delicate, finer. Therefore if we apply the same method to approach the supreme truth, not in intellectual, not in an active, but in an emotional way – then this is Bhakti Yoga.

So do not be limited by biology, do not be limited by theory. Because “I am the original fragrance of the earth.” Beyond the beauties of nature, beyond these natural limitations we should see the divine essence.

[1] “Bhagavad-gita” 7.9

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