Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 23.08.2016 evening, Ludasto) 

(continues from the previous Friday) 

Question: I would like to ask: what was the sacrifice that those sages prepared for thousand years in the forest of Naimisharanya? What kind of sacrifice was that?

Swami Tirtha: Actually this is part of the story itself. So, it will come in the next verses. But even in this verse it was mentioned that it was for pleasing the Supreme Lord and also for satisfying His devotees. Because actually the desire of the sages who came together was to serve the benefit of the world, of the living entities. And this is also a question of philosophy. Because how can we serve the prosperity of all living beings? If we satisfy the source of the creation. So, if Krishna is satisfied, then everybody is satisfied. Therefore the first purpose of the sacrifice is to satisfy the Supreme Lord. But how can we sacrifice the Supreme Lord? Sorry, satisfy the Supreme Lord? If we satisfy His devotees. Therefore these two parties are involved. One is for God, and one is for the servants.

But I said “how to sacrifice the Supreme”, right? You think that this was lapsus linguae, but it’s not. If you study the Rig Veda, you will understand.

So, this we have to study – how to satisfy the Supreme Lord, how to satisfy His beloved devotees. This is the main purpose of our life. We have to firmly believe this! Therefore association with the devotees – this is not a material company for us, this is a sacred practice. Why? Because when God was a little overburdened, then He asked His angels: “I need a place to hide. Tell Me some place where they won’t find Me. I want to hide. But these guys, they always find Me with their prayers: “Help me, give me!” Do you have an idea where can I hide?” Then the angels said: “Oh, you have a very good place for that. This is the heart of the human beings. Nobody will search for You there.”

That means Krishna resides in the hearts. And especially in the hearts of the pure devotees. But then the next question comes: “Who lives in the heart of the pure devotees?” Krishna. Therefore we appreciate the pure devotees so much, because they are in the heart of Govinda and in their heart Govinda is residing. If you want to find God, find your angel. Find your goswamis.

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