Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 06.05.2017 evening, Rila)

(continues from the previous Friday)

 Then the fear came. And this natural state for the doe – expecting a baby – was interrupted by the fear. You see, fear causes a lot of problems, sometimes it blocks the natural processes. What is the ultimate natural process? It is the flow of divine emotions to the Supreme, to the Divine Couple. What is liberation? The liberation is to regain the original position of the soul. The natural function of the soul is to serve the Supreme. So, fear the fear. Be afraid of your fear because it can block your progress.

And then the baby deer fell into the roaring waves of the river – drowning practically. The flock is lost, the mother is lost, no help, only water around. What happens to the mother? Trying to escape for the fear of life, realizing the loss of the baby, so much distressed that she is ready to give up her life. ‘If I cannot life for my beloved ones, I don’t want to live anymore’. Is that human? Very much, we also feel the same. If we cannot dedicate our life to someone, to our beloved ones – it’s so painful! Do you see the building up of the situation? In one second it just happened.

So, as I said, we are sitting in the midst of perfection and all of a sudden the action starts around us. What is your reaction? You say: ‘Bad luck for the baby deer’, ‘How strange karma works’? Or you jump immediately for help. I think it’s a natural instinct to help those who are in need. Compassion, it’s important. Compassion means that we sacrifice. Giving a listening ear to the others doesn’t mean any sacrifice from your side. Not so much. Sharing the trouble of the other – there is a little sacrifice from your side. But taking all the burden of the other is a real sacrifice, self-sacrifice.

Question of Tejasvini: We carry within ourselves some big fears, and sometimes even we do not know from where we carry this. If you can give some guidance how to face these fears and how to manage to offer this to God?

Swami Tirtha: Once I met a senior brother, he was an expert doctor and he started to attend a training course on psychology. I thought: ‘Oh, maybe that’s interesting, maybe I also have to attend. Because if we understand how people act and react, then it might be useful in preaching’. But then I said: I am sure it’s not the technique. You can visit as many trainings as you like. It’s not the training, it’s not the education that helps you to perform your service, but more surrender. If we surrender more, then you will receive the ability to understand how people work, right. In the Gita it is said: “An elevated person understanding himself and starting from himself will understand everybody else.”

So, concerning your question, the solution is the same, my advice is the same. If you practice deeply this spiritual path, you will be granted the protection, you will be granted the freedom from fear. But as we hardly can perform and practice very profoundly, sometimes we need expert help also. Fear is an old friend coming with us for many-many years, maybe lifetimes. But if we treat fear like an unwanted guest – don’t feed him, he will depart. If somebody comes to your home and you don’t like him, don’t give any food to him; he will very soon go away. So, if an unwanted guest or fear, or hate enters your inner pavilion – don’t feed it. Don’t feed it, and you will have more powers to do something else.

I think we all have heard this story hundreds of times. And I don’t know about you, but I always identify myself with Bharata Maharaj. But just today it came to me: let’s examine the story from the point of view of the deer. How he feels? ‘Ah, this person is so nice with me!’ So, maybe his version is much better, much more promising than this, a little fearful story of losing your spiritual ambitions. But what about the deer? He was enjoying: ‘Ah, it’s nice! Finally somebody takes care of me.’ And what does it mean? By the sacrifice of one, the other can survive. By your suffering if others elevate – I think it’s worth doing that. Lord Jesus came to save the whole humanity. One death – all saved. From his sacrifice many take the benefit.

We don’t crucify our profits, but if we give ourselves in service – that’s a very high type of offering.

(to be continued)

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