Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Question: As we know, in Christianity one of the ways to approach God is to fear Him. Happily this is not available in yoga. If we fear Him how can we love Him?!

Tirtha Maharaj: Maybe you should ask this question from a Christian priest. But no doubt, fear of God is not a simple expression that human being should be fearful. To fear God means like to follow, to admire, etc – so this is in broad sense. Still this feeling or this word was misused for centuries. With quoting that you are sinful and you will go to eternal hell if you do not surrender right now, it is very easy to make people fearful. Immediately you will try to do something about it, but maybe there are some other approaches also. Just think of this greatest and so to say most popular symbol of Christianity – Jesus Christ on the cross. This is a very painful picture. But if you see, for example, “Bhagavad Gita” – God, Krishna, instructing His friend, Arjuna, although they are in front of a huge battle, no fear is included there. Or if we remember the loving embrace of Radha and Krishna – no fear is included there. Krishna, as a symbol of bhakti-yoga, or the path of dedication, is a charming young boy playing His flute, preserving for His devotees what they have and bringing what they need –no fear. Our motto is: “Chant the names of God and be happy!” Not: “Be baptized and suffer in fear!” Fortunately Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, our savior, who is the avatar for the present age, came with a happy message: “Kali-yuga is over! The dark age is over! Just join the happy dancing kirtan of devotee! Hari haraye nama krishna yadavaya namaha!”- this was His invitation.

The vision of Indian wisdom is completely different. It does not say that you come from the original sin of your forefathers. Adam made some mistakes in the beginning and I suffer now. Come on!

But actually Adam is a very symbolic name. If you read Adam in Sanskrit it will mean adama – adama means “no control”. There was only one condition: “Do not take this fruit! You can go any place you want, but do not take this fruit!” Don’t think of the red bicycle. What happened? Eating the fruit immediately. Adama – if there is no control suffering will come. Therefore we have to practice yoga, because yoga means “control yourself”. But our vision is that the soul, we all come from a divine source. Our source is not sin, our source is divinity. You all are spiritual sparks, not future candidates for eternal hell. And if we come from superior platform, then we can return back there.

So this is the difference in the vision. The individual souls have similar qualities to God. The Supreme is eternal, conscious and happy and in the same way you are also eternal, conscious and happy. This is only illusion that brings us the false conceptions that it is not true. You are eternal – that means you are not this limited, temporary body. You are conscious – it means you do not have to collect diplomas on your wall, it is not a question of brain, but this is a natural function of the soul. And ultimately you are happy. Some psychologists give definition of happiness – “when you do not suffer too much, this is happiness.” Sorry, be more positive, my dear. Give me some real definition of happiness. And real definition of happiness is when you are connected back to the Supreme. Yoga means connection.

Question of Krishna Priya: As we originate from God, why this separation has come? Why do we have again to find Him?

Tirtha Maharaj: Because without separation there is no meeting. We want to meet Him, but without separation there is no meeting. Meeting starts with separation.


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