Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 04.01.2017 evening, Sofia) 

(continues from the previous Monday)

Question of Mahadev: This fontanel on the young babies is open; are there such occasions that an elderly person can open this gate before death, in this lifetime?

Swami Tirtha: It’s possible, but not in a mechanical way. Sometimes people try to achieve spiritual results in mechanical ways, but this is absolutely not recommended. Because it will not bring the results that they desire. Actually this is the demoniac way – to achieve something spiritual in a mechanical way. Same stories are repeated all over in the sacred traditions – when, for example, Ravana wanted to reach the spiritual sky by some technical elevation. Or when people started to build the tower of Babylon; and many other stories.

So, in a mechanical way it is not possible to reach a spiritually higher platform. For that we have to apply the spiritual method properly. Then we can open the upper gate – this is the sahasrara-chakra, or the crown chakra, which is actually a little above the physical skull. In yoga tradition proper this is considered to be the place of perfect consciousness. Even in yoga, traditionally it is said that this is the entrance gate for amrita. So if you are connected through perfect meditation to the perfect level of consciousness, then immediately amrita will enter into your system. Then this amrita drop by drop will enter through the different glands inside the brain and then finally will penetrate the whole system. Everything is resonance. So if you resonate, if you vibrate the soft palate, this is a way to stimulate the glands above the palate and to invite the drops of nectar into your system.

But how to activate that resonance? There’s a very simple way – chant Hare Krishna. Because if you speak nonsense, your whole body will resonate that. If you tell lies, your brain will resonate with these lies. And it’s destructive, it’s just destructive. Therefore we have to stick to the truth. Because then the truth will resonate throughout your body. And as we want to be connected to the topmost platform of perfect consciousness it’s only possible through the truth.

But what is the nectar for us? It’s not the truth. Simply the truth is boring, sorry. We need the divine qualities and the divine nectar of Krishna’s name and Krishna’s pastimes. Therefore if we chant the holy names, then this will resonate in our whole system. This will connect us to the supreme reality. Then if your upper gate opens, it’s very much possible that He will enter again and again, and He will show His presence.

And then a transformation will begin. We can start to drink with our ears, to eat with the heart and to speak with the eyes – this is the divine transformation that we need.

As we agreed, some divine vibration should be there. And the best resonance that we can create in this bodily structure is the chanting, is the resonance of the holy names. I wish that extended moment of eternity is never broken. Please, take this message with you and always be very attentive in your spiritual practices. This is the way to convert an ordinary day into a special celebration.


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