Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha




There is another tapasya and our real tapasya is the sacrifice of the holy name. If we chant the holy names, this is real, living connection to God. In this way it is not only that you generate your inner power or you are connected to some cosmic levels of energies. But first of all the energy of your master will be transmitted to you. And not only the energy of your master, but the energy of the master of your master, plus the whole parampara will help you. And this parampara goes back to whom in the first place?

Somebody: Krishna!

Tirtha Maharaj: He is the second step. First step?

Kripadham: Radha.

Tirtha Maharaj: She is the third step. Mahaprabhu! If we go back farther and farther, finally we shall come to that person who has originated this chanting and dancing. And Shrila Shridhara Maharaj says that Mahaprabhu was like a golden volcano of divine love, erupting the lava of ecstatic emotions. Now you sit here and say: “Lava? Eruptions? What is this?! It does not mean anything to me; it’s too weird flowery words!” Try it! If you reach, you will see what the meaning of tapasya is; what is the heat of the Golden Avatar, of the golden volcano. And then, by His mercy – by Mahaprabhu’s path that He showed – you can come to Krishna, you can come to Radharani, you can come to Vrindavana. So if you chant – but real chanting! – if you chant, then you’re never alone. So many will listen, so many will add something to your meditation.

And what happens if you generate too much heat, too much energy? Burning, right? Too much heat means burning. This is what happens when you read in the shastras that for example Sati, when she was offended that her father did not invite her husband, Shiva to the sacrifice, she was so much offended that she started to make a tapasya. And she generated so much heat, yogic fire that she just burned up her body. So if you read the stories like this, you can understand – by tapasya you can burn up, you can finish yourself. This is the yogic way to leave the body. I don’t expect you to go to Vitosha and immolate your body into the fire. But if you generate a power, use it for the service. And therefore we are very fortunate that Krishna provides a chance for practical services. If you generate power, you have to use it for some purpose; otherwise you just blow up.

But our tapasya should not be tamasic – by torturing ourselves or others. Once a devotee was travelling with Shrila Prabhupad. And you know, when you are in the company of your spiritual master, you try to behave very polite and very humble. Let’s act like a humble vaishnava. So the devotee was chanting. And you know, to chant in the company of your master is not so easy. So he was chanting very softly. Prabhupad said: “I don’t hear.” Our friend started to whisper. Then Prabhupad said: “I don’t hear.” So he collected all his brave energies. Again Prabhupad said: “No, no, no, I don’t hear.” And finally our devotee thought: “Ah, I have only one lifetime. Let’s do it! Hare Krisnha! Hare Krishna! Krishna Krishna! Hare Hare!” Then Prabhupad said: “Why do you disturb me with your chanting?”

So, don’t torture others with your tapasya. Don’t torture others with your chanting. Once I heard a story that a teacher came, a sadhu came to tell about his realizations. He said: “I had a darshan with my beloved God! He told me: “My dear one, don’t chant My names.” Usually gods or teachers tell us to chant the names. Just imagine if God tells you: “Please, don’t chant My names.” So, the basic principle is don’t disturb others with your practices. Because this is tamasic. Don’t torture Krishna with your chanting. Do it nice. And how to do it nice? To add something. To add a very special ingredient – that is called dedication. Mama mana mandire – „I will worship you in the temple of my mind, I will offer you arati with the water of my teardrops and with the shine of my eyes.” This you should add.

Please try to remember this tapasya, do your services and practices in a proper manner, because the ultimate energy we can derive from the holy name and from the holy company of the vaishnavas. And if some power is delegated to you, please use it for the best purpose. Krishna distributes the powers, so use all your powers as a loving offering back to Him, at His lotus feet.


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