Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 03.05.2018, arrival) 

(continues from the previous Monday)

So, there is the physical, intellectual radius; and now comes the spiritual radius. Usually our spiritual radius is close to zero – a small circle; and a hazy circle that ‘there might be something’. But we don’t see, because we are blinded by the illusion and we have very little information about what’s beyond. We are not familiar with the grand spiritual prospects. Have you ever thought about your ultimate spiritual prospective? ‘What is my future in eternity?’ Have you ever thought of that?

If you are well-prepared in debating and philosophy, now you would protest: how can you mention future in eternity? There is no future in eternity, only eternity is there – it’s the permanent existence. It the Brahma-samhita it is said that over there, in the spiritual sky, it is permanent eternity, full of bliss, full of happiness – the present moment. Not even a single moment is lost there. This is your spiritual ‘future’ perspective. So please, think of that – it’s great!

Actually if we engage ourselves, if we commit ourselves to our spiritual practices, we commit ourselves to enlarge our circle, our scope. To push our limits. And also to push ourselves to reach these pushed limits. Because the majority of the spiritual truths are beyond our present scope of understanding, respect, appreciation, etc. But fortunately enough, our saints delivered some message about that reality. They are beyond the limits. And they invite you: “Why don’t you join us? Here, beyond your own body, mind and faith boundaries there is something more substantial – why don’t you come?” So physical, mental, faithful limits – push them! Because the majority of reality is beyond your limits. So if you take one step in spiritual life – and if you really reach that next stage – that means you enlarged your radius, you enlarged your scope.

First it might be a little unusual, you might feel a little uneasy. ‘Hey, I start to feel free! So unusual!’ Or ‘What is this happiness here? I’m so much accustomed to my bitter taste.’ You feel uneasy: ‘Something is happening with me. I cannot explain it, but I enjoy it!’

Life, including spiritual life, is not something that you should talk about or think about – no, you should live it! Spiritual life is an experience that you have to try. It’s not enough if we organize 108 symposiums over devotional service. Why don’t you serve…? So, expect the unexpected. One very dear god-brother of mine, he is a very big kirtaniya, he is a fan of kirtans – in the beginning he asked the senior devotees: “What is that strange feeling at the end of the kirtan?” because that was beyond the limits, beyond the scope. Then they said: “Ah, this is ecstasy. Why do you ask about the obvious?” So this is what I mean – enlarge your scope. Make one step for your radius. Then you can expect the unexpected.

So even if we take one little step in our radius, we shall experience very substantial results, feedback. Just imagine the next steps! The further you go, the bigger the radius becomes, the bigger the scope becomes. First we see only a very small portion of the spiritual reality. But if you start to make your radius bigger, with longer waves – then you will see and perceive and reach incredibly greater experience of spiritual reality.

(to be continued)

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