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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 23.07.2016 pm, Sofia) 

Life is like a long journey. We all follow this path. The point is not to start the journey, but to arrive. Many start, yet few arrive. Today we feel very fortunate, because we started and we did arrive. Nevertheless this is only the beginning of our common journey.

When coming here I was thinking: What can I tell you? You know so much. You are so qualified, you are very serious practitioners! At least this is my vision. But then something came to my mind: to discuss encounters with divinity. How to meet the divine? We are entangled, we are encircled by the material. So we know how it is. But encounters with divinity – we don’t know. This is like a white spot on the map of life. And this is like a real adventure trip – to meet divinity in our life. Encounters of the first kind are when you meet the divine and you don’t recognize. Encounters of the second type – you meet for a while, but then you lose the contact. Encounters of the third type – when you meet and you maintain, but sometimes you lose the contact. Encounters of the fourth type – when you meet and you are never separate anymore.

Fortunately our Mahaprabhu was realistic. He was not floating in the ecstatic waves of union, but He always discussed separation. Why? Because He knew very well how the basic human behavior is. When we have, we cannot appreciate. In order to appreciate, we have to lose it! Then immediately you will understand what you have lost. When we have the divine contact or the blissful state of spiritual devotion, sometimes we cannot really appreciate. But in the absence of such blessings immediately we understand their value.

So, what is our prospect? Shall we remain like normal human beings, same like others, trained not to appreciate when we have it? Or shall we become angelic super human beings who can appreciate when they have it? And who can appreciate even when they don’t have it. Do you see the depth of this prospect? Just like Mahaprabhu expressed: “Whether you embrace me or you kick me out, I am Your unconditional servant”[1]. It’s a very high standard of spiritual dedication. When I read it for the first time, I was really touched. Somehow beyond any formalities it just captured my heart. It’s that’s deep! So, read and remember just like at the first time.

Let’s focus our attention on these encounters with divinity. Let’s pray that they happen in our life. It doesn’t really depend on us. No, I have to reconsider – It does! Because our dear Lord Krishna is like a young boy. And what is the nature of young boys? They are running up and down, it’s very difficult to fix them in one place. Same with Krishna, He is moving so fast here and there, He has so many engagements. It’s very difficult to fix Him in one place unless we design a jail. One of His divine features is that He is totally and absolutely independent and sovereign. That means nobody can catch Him. He is free. Therefore we are searching for freedom. We want to be free also, we want to be like small gods. But then how to put a sovereign God into a jail? They say that there is only one type of jail from where He cannot escape.

(to be continued)


[1] Shikshashtakam 8

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