Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

A statue of the Hindu god Rama, Narayana or Vishnu Temple, backgrounds, tree, ladder, and Chiang Mai. Thai

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 05.01.2016, morning, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday) 

Question of Paramananda: I want to ask in connection of the pure devotional service. I have a question connected with the sin. While reading Shikshashtakam, in the fourth verse where Mahaprabhu says He doesn’t want women, followers, money, fame, it sounds like He is sharing that He has no attraction to these. Is it possible for us to achieve this level not to be attracted to these aspects of life, especially in their more sinful aspects?

Swami Tirtha: Yes. Of course, it’s possible.

Paramananda: When does it happen?

Swami Tirtha: When does it happen? If you practice varnashrama-dharma for 25000 lifetimes without a mistake, then it will easily happen. This is the technical solution. Or I have a shortcut. Because in the shastras it is said that there are many complicated rules and regulations and purifying processes and this and that; but simply by serving affectionately the spiritual master, who is so dear to Krishna, all the results that you achieve with big hardship through other processes – you can achieve that very easily.

Once I heard from one Maharaj an advice concerning this. He said: “If you have material desires – try to enjoy them!” You know, I was a little surprised. But then he continued: “Because then you will burn and give them up very quickly.” This is so to say the tantric method – take as much that you are fed up with it.

Yet simply if we somehow always keep the lotus feet of our spiritual master in front of our eyes; or in case you have any trouble, you immediately visualize your worshipable deity – where is the trouble?

And don’t reject your attachment – improve it! Find a better object for your attachment. Do you remember the example of Dhanur das? He was madly after beauty. He had a beautiful wife. And the eyes of his wife were so beautiful and so charming, that he wanted always to look into the eyes of his wife. You know how couples walk in India – first the husband and the wife is following him. But if you are walking ahead of your beautiful wife with the beautiful eyes – you don’t see them. So Dhanur das was always walking backwards – always fixing his eyes on the eyes of his wife. He was so much charmed and enamored with her. So, if you think you have some attachment – come on, this is a very neophyte, very insignificant attachment. Until we don’t walk backwards in order to fix our vision on the eyes of our wife we don’t have real attachment.

And once Ramanuja Acharya was observing this scene – a man walking backwards ahead and always observing the lady behind – and he said: ‘What’s that?!?’ So he approached Dhanur das and asked: “Wait a minute, what’s happening here?” Dhanur das said: “You know the beauty of the eyes of my wife – this is the most beautiful thing and I cannot live a moment without this vision.” Then Ramanuja Acharya also observed the lady and said: “Hm, not bad. But I can show you something more beautiful.” Then Dhanur das was astonished: “It’s impossible! These are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen!” And then Ramanuja took him by the hand and led him into the temple of Lord Vishnu. A beautiful, beautiful deity of Lord Vishnu was inside. And then Dhanur das said: “Yes, I surrender! This is more beautiful than the eyes of my wife. I will follow you.”

So, find a better object for admiration.


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