Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Question of Damodar: From the side of the spiritual master it is clear that he encourages in advance the beginners. But in relations between devotees we are not impersonalists, we are not equal, we are not one, everybody is different. There are basically three levels – people above you, people on your level and people below your level. What should be the relations between the devotees on these levels?

Tirtha Maharaj: Love. Nothing else. Simply if you love devotees then everything will be nice. Because by love you can overcome the difficulties.

But of course we know the basic rules of association also that we should follow. Like learning from the superiors, making friends with the same level, and to help the younger devotees. But if there is learning, friendship or teaching – this is service. This is the basic point.

And you, devotees, should give a good example. There is enough violence and enough misunderstanding in the outside world. Why should we import that mentality inside the ashram – fight or spirit of competition? Outside! Leave it outside, keep it outside! In the ashram there should be a divine atmosphere. And if you base your activities and your vision on the teachings of bhakti-yoga, then you will have no other type of vision. If we serve others then our life will be sublime.

Sometimes we are too much concerned with judging the level of devotees – he is superior or senior or more neophyte, like this. But don’t forget, Krishna sends you the devotees not to judge them, but to serve them. If you have some devotees around you, don’t judge them, rather serve them. In this way not only they will be satisfied, but you will be also happy. Very simple principle. Once Shrila Prabhupad said: “Simply try to love Krishna!” Instead of going too much in theoretical discussions, simply try to love. Simply try to serve people around you.

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