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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

butterfly in the rain

(continues from the previous Monday) 

So the qualities of the owner of the food will come to the eater. Give me one quality of Krishna? One name of our Lord is Hari, right? Hari, thief. So if our masters eat the food of a thief, this quality will come to them! Wow, shall I see my spiritual master as a thief? Yes, in one sense yes. Because Krishna steals from his beloved servants everything that is detrimental for their spiritual progress. So Hari means “to remove” – the Remover; He removes all the obstacles and all the attachments. And those who eat Hari-prasad will also have this quality, they will also work to remove your attachments.

Shrila Goura Kishora Das Babaji was a very highly elevated person in an absolutely renounced order. He practically didn’t have anything. Once in Navadvip there was a stormy night when in Bhaktivinod Thakur’s home somebody was knocking on the door. He opened and in the rain he saw there Goura Kishora Das Babaji. Bhaktivinod had a very high respect to Babaji Maharaj. Although this is a little unusual – that your senior devotional instructor will wake you up at midnight in a storm, knocking at your door, but immediately Bhaktivinod Thakur said: “Ah, Babaji Maharaj, how can I serve you? Maybe you want to come in from the rain? You need a shelter for this night?” Nothing like this. Goura Kishora said: “Do you have a potato?” Bhaktivinod Thakur answered: “…Most probably, yes…” So he went in, searched for the potato and brought it. “Here is the potato.” Goura Kishora Das took it and went away. Bhaktivinod Thakur was deeply wondering: “Very unusual! During the stormy night Babaji Maharaj comes and takes away my last potato.” And immediately he understood that this is not the potato that he had taken away, but his attachment to the last potato. Then he was very happy. Why? Because Goura Kishora Das Babaji Maharaj also ate Hari-prasad. He wanted to take away all that is not good.

And actually this is one very high quality of a spiritual master – that he will take away. But you know, this is Kali Yuga. And there are many Kali Yuga teachers, who will take away the faith of their followers. Or who will take away the money of their followers. Anything! But there are very few who will take away the material suffering. Or who can remove the doubts of the disciples. This is one, we can say, ultimate quality of a spiritual master – that he is able to remove the doubts of the disciples. It’s very important.

Then you will say: why it is not mentioned here? Because it is mentioned in another place.

(to be continued)

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