Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 30.09.2017 morning, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday)

“There is oneness, unity. But more efficient service may be drawn from a particular point rather than a higher point. Everyone has their particular capacity and service and if they serve from there, they will be best utilized. If located in a higher circle for which he has no such fitness, enmity will be created and he will be a loser. Do you follow?”[1] – that was the next question of Shridhara Maharaj. And then the devotee says: “It is still not so clear for me.”

So this is what we can see – the two participants are floating on different levels. One is trying to use all his ear and brain capacity to understand something, but as that capacity is limited, he will understand very little; while the other is using all his heart and all his mouth and all his emotions to explain something – and he also feels limited. ‘I need millions of mouths to properly glorify my master!’ – this is the feeling of the great ones. And what is the feeling of the small ones? ‘I need millions of ears to listen to you!’ So, “it is still not quite clear for me…”

Then Shridhara Maharaj says: “Acharyam mam vijaniyan[2] – in the beginning stage we are told that the acharya, the guru, is Krishna. Then Raghunath das Goswami, the acharya of prayojana, the ultimate goal, says that the acharya’s position is not that of God Himself, but is that of His most favorite one. Ultimately we find that Krishna’s dear-most is in the department of His potency and that is guru.”

You see, it’s so nice. First we see the divine function, and this is good. Later on our vision is more refined and we can differentiate between sevya-bhagavan and sevak-bhagavan – the served God and the servitor-God aspects. Therefore we sing so often: sakshad-dharitvena … kintu prabhor yah priya eva tasyam[3] – “The spiritual master is very dear to Krishna”.

“In the beginning it is mentioned in the shastra that Brahman means the Absolute as the whole. But by clear vision we see that there are Narayan, Vasudeva, Ramachandra and so many forms. And by even more clear estimation we will find Krishna to be within. Do you follow?”

Now, after all these theories, let’s come to a story. “Once Krishna was in a conference, with Balarama and Uddhava. And they saw a mass of light approaching. Then after a little time a figure became visible within that mass of light. Then, after the light mass approached even closer, they could see the figure of a male person. And then still closer – they could see: ‘Ah, this is Devarishi Narada!’ So, in this was from far off you may get a conception of the whole – just as by viewing the Himalayas from a distance you can see many things. But as much as you approach you will find specific parts, with more clarity. And when you will actually arrive, there you will find your Lord and your friends and you will mix there. At that time you do not find the whole Himalaya, but you are located in one particular position. And there, not within the whole, you will find that the desired end of your life has been fulfilled.” So beautiful! You cannot take shelter in a huge mountain range, but you can take shelter in a small cave.

“Similarly, when you approach Krishna from afar, He is sat-chit-ananda, He is infinite! Then, as you approach Him, because you are so small, you will be located in a particular position. In this way, according to your fitness you will be taken into a particular position of service. There you will engage in whatever service is required from you and from there you will draw the fullest satisfaction to your nature.”


(to be continued)


[1] from Shrila Shridhara Maharaj, ‘Specific service’

[2] Shrimad Bhagavatam 11.17.27

[3] Shri Gurvashtakam, 7

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