Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Гурудев и Югала

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, May 2013, Sofia)

Maybe our masters are different as persons, but they are united as spiritual fact. As substance, as principle they are the same. And this principle will unite us all. As this is something very important for all of us, I think we should study that topic a little bit. I tell you why. Because when newcomers visit our programs, it’s very easy to trigger them with the guru principle. They will think: “Oh, I don’t have! I’m like an outsider!” And it’s very easy to create bad feelings in people if they don’t have access to something. But to examine the principle properly I think it is very important and we should enter deeper into this topic. And Shrila Shridhara Maharaja is an authority on this principle, no doubt. Because I have to tell you, I was searching, listening and carefully trying to understand the opinion of many acharyas; and many of course contributed with very substantial opinions. But the debth and the refined understanding is unique here.

“The Eye to see Shri Guru”. One devotee asks: “We are often told, regarding the Guru and the shishya (disciple), that if the shishya is not successful in becoming a completely pure devotee in this lifetime, then the Guru will return by taking another birth. But does the Guru personally take another birth?”[1]

Just imagine the situationone guru takes so many disciples, and 90% of them are spaced out. Then you have to multiply yourself, because one is going to the moon, the other is going to the sun, the other is going to the hell – in many places you have to run after them. So, how is it? Because we feel very fortunate: ‘If I cannot accomplish, then my guru will come and save me’. And what about your brothers and sisters? He has to save them also. So, we have to examine this very carefully.

Shrila Shridhar Maharaj answers: “The relationship must continue.” Actually this very short sentence is enough to answer this whole problem. The connection should continue. “Whether that particular soul who was delegated as the Guru in the previous life will personally come – whether he will again be sent or not – there is no guarantee; but in any case the disciple will maintain his awareness of that higher connection. He will recognize it just as it was in former stages, although it may be in a different form. It will not be unknown to him. And he will also perceive that “I am not unknown to my master.” But the Guru’s external form may not be similar.”

That means the principle is there, the essence is there. Form might be different, but the essence is there. Because who is guru? Guru is our personal savior. He is like an extended hand of God to you. And you see, these Indians know something – sometimes they describe God with hundreds of hands. Because He is reaching to us, to you, to the other, to all. He doesn’t have only two hands; sometimes He shows four hands; in many other cases He shows hundreds of hands. But actually He’s got unlimited hands – reaching for us, for you. This principle – that He invites you, He wants to embrace you – is always there. And when it is manifested through a person, then we are so satisfied.

And something very important – you will recognize and you will be recognized. Have you been acting as disciples? When all of a sudden you recognize something: ‘There must be some connection.’ Do you believe in connections? In great meetings? I’m a believer, I do believe in great meetings! It’s not by chance. It’s not only the question who comes first. Some gurus say: “Well, if I come first, they will love me. If you come first, they will love you”. Which might happen, but this is not the big meeting, the important meeting. Like when you recognize: ‘Something catches me here!’ Therefore I ask: Have you been acting as disciples? But we have to ask another question: Have you been acting as masters? When you recognize somebody: ‘Oh, I’ve met that person before!’ This is described here: you will recognize something, and you will be recognized. This is the connection. Something is established behind the scenes. You don’t know by your external consciousness, but with the finer, internal radar you will understand. You recognize and you are being recognized.


(to be continued)


[1] From The Golden Staircase, Chapter 2 Shrila Shridhar Maharaj


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