Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from lecture of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 25 of May 2006, Sofia)
Let’s start a little different topic– a little discussion about the mandalas. I think you all know the mandalas – mandalas are mystic diagrams for concentrating mind, attention and energy. And usually the mandala is a painting, depicting certain elements. If you examine the classical mandala, usually the outside is oblong, like a square. And on each side this square has some entrances. Because that square figure represents the material sphere. Mater is always rectangular, it’s never round.
Because this is mater, this is material –  something very rough, very basic. And through these entrances y  ou can start focusing your attention. Immediately when you enter the mandala, next is a circle and circle is the petals of s lotus flower. The closer you come to the central point, the more delicate these lotus petals become. And finally in the centre there is one point. This point is the ecstatic point. So you start from mater and through a beautiful process, stepping closer and closer to the essence, you come to the essential point. From mater to spiritual brake through.
Therefore the most important part of the mandala is this central circle. Mandala is a very powerful instrument for concentration of the attention, and mind, and powers. The central point keeps the mandala together. Buddhist monks sometimes spend few weeks for creating a nice mandala from different color powders – very intricate forms. And then when they are ready they just come and wipe everything off. Why? In order to understand that everything is transient in this life.
But in our line we also have a mandala. This is the disciplic mandala – mandala of the disciples. And this mandala of the disciples is surrounding the spiritual master. So this is the spiritual master who keeps this mandala, this structure of people, human beings together. And therefore this structure of disciples is also very STRONG instrument to concentrate our energies. A mandala can function ONLY when we apply it in proper manner. Therefore also this spiritual mandala of the disciples should function properly. Everyone should keep and preserve the service, the place, the duty that he has got or she has got from the spiritual master. Otherwise there will be disharmony and the concentration of the power and the spiritual break through will NOT be available. To keep together the group of the devotees is also a duty of the spiritual master. Think about it. If you analyze and penetrate, go deep into this topic, you will understand a lot.

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